The Sure Hand of God

The Story of Brother Ed
by: Jerry Liao

Before anything else, let me again ask for my reader’s patience and understanding for my article today has nothing to do with technology but rather it’s about life. I would say its a continuing journey of my young Christian life. This story is about Brother Ed – a friend I met during the treatment of my angel Eva.

If my memory serves me right, it was August 1, 2006 that I first met Brother Ed. We were in place where we were hoping for miracles to happen – to save Eva’s life and his life as well. At that time, we have exhausted what western medicine has to offer. Our back is against the wall. We will listen, accept and do whatever we’re told just to be able to cling on something they call HOPE.

Just like my wife Eva, Brother Ed also has cancer, in his case its cancer of the colon – fourth stage. The first time I saw Brother Ed was when he entered the same room where Eva and I was. A place where alternative treatment was offered. Brother Ed came in quietly, sat down in one of the available chairs observing what was going on. I can automatically sense that there was some apprehensions on his part, but given his condition at that time, he is willing to give it a shot. Nothing to lose in other words.

My friendship with Brother Ed started when the next day we met he forgot to bring his medicine, a medicine that should be taken regularly. Fortunately, Eva was taking the same medicine and I brought with me some extra. I offered it to Brother Ed so that he won’t miss his medicine. He assured me that he will bring his medicine the next day to replace what I offered him, a promise he did as soon as he arrives the next day.

From that day on, Brother Ed and I will have a short talk during their treatment. He will arrive in the morning, go home and come back again later in the day for his afternoon treatment. He oftenly said he finds the session boring since he has no one to talk to and most of the patients at that time were women. Another reason why I think Brother Ed and I got closer is because we share the same passion – we’re smokers. So every given opportunity, Brother Ed and I will manage to puff one cigarette during his treatment. I did remind him that he has to quit smoking, Brother Ed will just smile at me and puff the cigarette again.

Since Eva and Brother Ed are taking the same medicine, they need to take it on the same schedule (9am – 3pm – 9pm – 3am). Before Eva takes her medicine, I will say a little prayer with Eva to thank the Lord for making the medicine available, and acknowledging the Lord that it is HE who is curing Eva, and the medicine is simply HIS tool. I will glance at Brother Ed and I will see him taking his medicine straight. One time, I told him to pray as well before taking his medicine, Brother Ed will just smile and nod his head. I told him that he can pray in his mind and that would be enough.

My meeting with Brother Ed was cut short when his family and I decided to rent our own equipment, and have the treatment at home. The communication was further cut when my angel Eva passed away last August 2006. Brother Ed and his family was not able to attend the wake, but they sent their condolences and it was enough for me.

Sometime November 2006, I got a text message from Brother Ed’s older brother Dexter asking if I have some pain reliever left which he will use for Brother Ed. Unfortunately I gave them all away. I asked Dexter how Brother Ed was doing and at that time, Dexter said Brother Ed is doing fine.

Sometime December 2006, I called up Brother Ed to ask him how he is doing. Brother Ed was glad to hear my voice again after quite some time. Brother Ed expresses his sadness over the passing of my wife Eva. Brother Ed revealed to me that his hope to be cured was renewed the day he saw Eva, because despite Eva’s condition at that time – Eva was full of life, she was always smiling and you can really sense that my wife Eva was at peace with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brother Ed admitted that his condition has worsen. Sleeping has become an ordeal for him, not to mention the pain he’s experiencing. He said he has lost weight and has lost his appetite as well. All I can offer at that time for my Brother Ed are words of comfort. I told my Brother Ed not to lose hope and always pray to God for mercy and grace. I told Brother Ed that God will not put him in a situation without a purpose and all he has to do is to believe, trust and have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The following statements uttered by Brother Ed is something I never expected to hear from him. He said and I quote “Jerry, I have already accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. HE is my only hope now, I surrendered my life to HIM and I am very much at peace with HIM. You will be surprised that I also talked to the Devil. I told the Devil that he may make me suffer, he make take my body and strength away, but one thing’s for sure – the Devil cannot take away my spirit and my soul for I have given and committed it to my one and only true God – Jesus Christ”. My tears fell after hearing those words from my Brother Ed. A true and clear demonstration of faith and love indeed.

I told Brother Ed that I am very happy to hear that he accepted the Lord as his Savior. I told him to continue to pray and have faith in HIM. Continue to develop his relationship with God. To pray and talk to our Lord regularly. And I told Brother Ed that I will also pray for him everyday. For with God, everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

I make it a point to call Brother Ed everyday, but in all ocassions, I was not able to talk to him. Dexter told me that Brother Ed is getting weaker everyday. I told Dexter that perhaps Brother Ed is getting weaker physically, but he is getting stronger spiritually. Dexter said Brother Ed is fully aware of my calls and messages and Brother Ed was also in tears, knowing that am praying for him and checking his developments. I told Dexter that despite the short time I met Brother Ed, the time and experience we shared together is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. It has helped me appreciate what life is really all about.

As I write this story, my Brother Ed is still fighting, but he did tell me that he is ready to meet his Creator anytime. After talking to Brother Ed, I finally realized what my God wants me to do – and that is to tell as many people as possible about HIS Greatness, perhaps through my articles, my programs, and in my seminars. God gave me all these talents for this purpose, and my conversation with Brother Ed is a confirmation of this calling.

To my Brother Ed, remember this: “But he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). God Bless you always!



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