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Tri-Isys Introduces eScan

I have been saying all along that the burden of securing ones PC or device should be a collaborative effort between the provider and the user. In telecommunication for example, the provider should do everything under its power to protect its users from threats coming from all sources. All data passing through their network should at least be scanned for threats before it reaches the users device.

For Internet providers, the same scenario should also be applied. Data coming in and out of their lines and servers should at least pass through certain security monitoring to minimize the threats awaiting their consumers.

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from Tri-Isys Internet Inc. announcing that they are making available eScan (developed by Microworld Technologies of India) to their consumers. eScan is a free value-added service Tri-Isys provided to their postpaid subscribers. But then they saw the need for an affordable yet equally efficient antivirus software and they thought of developing this into a stand-alone product and offer it to the general public.

eScan, is a proactive and real-time Antivirus and Content security software that offers a comprehensive solution that shield workstation and servers from various threats such as virus, spyware, hackers, spammers, privacy related issues and other objectionable content. It has real time virus and content scanning, filters pop-up ads and protects against intruders among others. It also provides real time / live updates and 24 / 7 free technical support. eScan is very affordable compared to other antivirus products and its reliability is proven by world-renowned software testing and certification bodies such as Checkmark, TUCOWS, Virus Bulletin, Red Hat Ready and Novell Ready.

Features of eScan:

* Real-Time Virus Scanning – Scans e-mails and websites in Real-Time, for viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers and more, in SMTP, POP3, HTTP AND FTP traffic using MWL technology. Every time you access or copy a file on to your computer it’s scanned for viruses automatically.

* Real-Time Content Scanning- Checks the e-mail body confidential data (specific keywords, phrases, etc.), file size, prohibited content, offensive and obscene language.

* Heuristic Scanning – Sophisticated Heuristic Scanning to prevent newer viruses and hidden malice in a proactive and pre-emptive manner.

* Integrated Security Policy / Central Management Console – eScan Management Console enables administrator to enforce an integrated Security Policy across the enterprise. The administrator can distribute updates across the network, send Outbreak Alerts and security violation notifications, remote installation and uninstallation and much more.

* Asset Management Module – Empowers you to take control of the hardware and software on your networks, ensure software license compliance and more.

* Remote Web Administration – With eScanRAD you can access the Management Console via another computer through browser and perform management tasks. It also helps in remote technical support for the software.

* Websites Scanning / Parental Control – This key feature allows you to block offensive and suitable websites.

* Total Pop-up Blocker – Blocks all annoying Pop-ups and saves System bandwidth.

* NetBIOS Firewall – Ensure that remote users from external computer systems are stopped from creating or modifying specific system files.

* TCP Connections – Inbuilt Network Monitoring Tool that examines TCP/IP activity on systems.

* Spam Stopper – Advanced Spam Blocking Technology using words and phrases to block Spamming and Phishing.

* Logs and Extensive Reports – eScan registers its activities into logs and generates consolidated reports on demand for review and analysis.

* Hourly Signature Updates – To react swiftly to emerging threats, AntiVirus data base is updated every hour.

* Automatic updates – Automatic updates of new virus signatures and antidotes at the user computer.

* 24×7 Free Technical Support – Online, telephonic and e-mail technical support are available free of cost, round-the-clock for all MicroWorld products.

Some of the well-known companies who are now using eScan include the industry’s top bookstore, leading manufacturing companies, prominent commercial banks, prestigious schools and other big corporations. eScan is now available in selected PC retail outlets and will soon be promoted in Visayas and Mindanao.



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