The Brand Of Success

BRANDZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands
by: Jerry Liao

Strong brands have the power to create business value. Their impact goes beyond revenues and profit margins. Strong brands create competitive advantages by commanding a price premium and decrease the cost of entry in new markets and categories. They reduce business risk and help attract and retain talented staff.

Millward Brown Optimor created the BRANDZ Top 100, a ranking that identifies the world’s most powerful brands measured by their dollar value. Brand ranking provides key insights and actionable information for finance, marketing and business professionals on how to manage and grow their brand assets.

The second annual BRANDZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands ranking, published in cooperation with the Financial Times, was announced by leading global market research and consulting firm Millward Brown. Google has risen to the top of this year’s ranking, taking the number one spot with a brand value of ,434 million. This was followed by General Electric (,880 million), Microsoft (,951 million) and Coca-Cola (,134 million).

Produced by Millward Brown Optimor, the firm’s finance and ROI arm, the ranking identifies the most powerful brands in the world as measured by their dollar value. The aggregate value of all brands in the BRANDZ Top 100 increased by 10.6% in one year, from .44 trillion in 2006 to .6 trillion in 2007.

The top 100 brands are as follows (from 1 – 100):

(1-25) Google, GE (General Electric), Microsoft, Coca Cola, China Mobile, Marlboro, Wal-Mart, Citi, IBM, Toyota, McDonald’s, Nokia, Bank of America, BMW, HP, Apple, UPS, Wells Fargo, American Express, Louis Vuitton, Disney, Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo, Cisco, Intel.

(26-50) Home Depot, SAP, Gillette, Mercedes, Oracle, HSBC, Tesco, ICBC, Verizon Wireless, Starbucks, Honda, Dell, Bank of China, Royal Bank of Canada, Porsche, Deutsche Bank, Yahoo!, eBay, Samsung, Ford, L’Oreal, Banco Santander, Pepsi, Carrefour, Merrill Lynch,

(51-75) UBS, Target, ING, Canon, Sony, Morgan Stanley, Chevrolet, Nissan, Chase, Motorola, China Construction Bank, Accenture, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Wachovia, Budweiser, Orange, Marks & Spencer, FedEx, Cingular Wireless, Siemens, State Farm, H&M, JP Morgan, TIM.

(76-100) Goldman Sachs, T-Mobile, Colgate, Chanel, Subway, IKEA, Royal Bank of Scotland,VW (Volkswagen), Cartier, Hermes, Best Buy, Barclays, Avon, Gucci, Zara, WaMu, Amazon, BP, AIG, ABN AMRO, Auchan, Asda, Lexus, Esprit, Rolex.

The most notable trends emerging from this year’s BRANDZ Top 100 include:

1. The rise of the East: Today, consumers in emerging markets, especially the ones known as the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have more disposable income than ever before. In order to succeed in the BRICS, Western brands must offer products or services that are relevant to the local consumers.

2. Converging technologies: Convergence is the hot topic in technology – the ability to mix and match different services (voice, data, GPS, music, Internet, email, etc) and deliver them over different devices – and has the potential to improve the lives of consumers.

3. Delivering on Corporate Social Responsibility: Delivering on the promise of corporate social responsibility helped boost the value of major brands including BP (,931 million), Shell ($ 4,679 million) and Toyota ($ 33,427 million).

4. Fast food brands react to health conscious consumers: Rising concerns about healthy eating disrupted the fast food industry which previously enjoyed continuous growth since the 1980s. Most fast food chains, including McDonald’s (,138 million), repositioned themselves with the introduction of healthier food alternatives.

“Success stories from this year’s BRANDZ Top 100 demonstrate that winning brands leverage major market trends effectively to create business value,” said Joanna Seddon, global CEO of Millward Brown Optimor. “Strong brands are capable of extending into areas of opportunity to access new revenue streams and to help businesses respond to market changes.”

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