Totally Connected

Globe Telecom’s Blackberry Service
by: Jerry Liao

I am very used to accessing my email and surfing the web using my notebook computer. If I am expecting an email within the day and I need to be out, I will carry my notebook with me. No matter what you say, carrying a notebook with you is still a cumbersome thing. Not to mention the extra baggage, you need to check from time to time if the notebook is still with you. You know how it is here.

Until my Manila Bulletin editor (Art Samaniego) provided me with a Blackberry device powered by Globe
Telecom. It’s the blue colored device, colored screen but a bit bulky. My editor said the device will allow
me to stay connected anytime and I can email my story as it happens. At first, I was a bit hesistant, how can a small device such as the Blackberry outperform my notebook computer?

But the Blackberry was never designed to replace your notebook computers, it basically provide users the ability to send and retrieve emails while on the go. And as an additional functionality – it allows the user to browse the web, perhaps for some important information like news or stocks. I tried my Blackberry then and it came very handy especially during the hospitalization of my wife Eva. I had to be with her most of the time and I was in touch with a doctor friend of mine based in the States. We will communicate with each other about my wife’s condition then via email so you can expect the hundreds of emails we send back and forth.

I was using my Blackberry for like a year or so when all of a sudden it conked out for no apparent reason. I was charging the battery then and left it overnight. The next day, it just won’t turn on. I told my editor about it and he said that it may be a battery problem. I never had the chance to have it fix and I had to resort back to my notebook to access my email. Calling the attention of Globe Telecom.

Until a couple of weeks back, my friends at Globe Telecom asked me if I could try their new Blackberry Pearl. I was again a bit hesistant because I was so used to using my notebook computer to access my emails. You know what I mean, it’s not that easy to just change a habit right? Anyway, I said yes to my friends at Globe Telecom and to cut the story short, the Blackberry Pearl was with me a couple of day after the request.

The first thing that got my attention was the appearance. The Blackberry Pearl was so so different from the original Blackberry I had. The device comes with a QWERTY keyboard for quick and easy typing and
dialing, features voice activated dialing, supports polyphonic, mp3 and MIDI ring tones, and has a large,
ultra-bright, high resolution (240×260) display. It measures just 4.2” x 1.97” x .57” and weighs only 3.1
ounces and is a quad-band GSM/GPRS and EDGE-enabled mobile handset.

The display type is 65K colors, display size is 240 x 260 pixels. The device also comes with a 1.3
megapixel camera with built-in flash and 5x digital zoom, a media player and stereo headset jack so users can enjoy their favorite music and videos on the go. It has a 64MB flash memory built-in and supports expandable memory with a microSD card slot to allow storage of music, pictures and videos.

It includes a responsive trackball that makes vertical and lateral scrolling fast and easy. Dedicated ‘menu’ and ‘escape’ keys on either side of the trackball, along with context sensitive menus, make navigation instinctive, smooth, and true to the famous user experience of the BlackBerry solution.

The next thing I wanted to see is of course the device’s performance – especially the Globe Telecom
access. The sending and retrieving of emails is as fast, if not faster than my access with my old
Blackberry. Web browsing is not so bad at all. It will take me around a minute or so to access my Yahoo email account and Gmail email account which I think is fast enough. Actually what’s taking a longer time is for me to type my username and password. It took me a day or two to get used to the new keyboard. Looking for the characters just made me feel old for awhile. But after getting use to it, typing becomes a breeze. I can operate the Blackberry Pearl with just one hand.

The Blackberry Pearl and the Globe Telecom service is not just for sending and retrieving emails. Globe
Telecom also allows users to open attachments and browse the web even while on the go through BlackBerry Internet Service. Users can also open email attachments with the following formats: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect and Adobe PDF.

For corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise and works with existing enterprise systems to enable secure, push-based wireless access to email and other corporate data.

So in effect, the device and the service provides wireless access to communications and information
including email, corporate data, instant messaging, phone, internet and intranet access, SMS and MMS, and organizer.

The Globe Blackberry Service is a real business productivity tool. Perfect for the mobile workforce
who needs to stay connected and be in touch with their clients. It can provide companies a competitive
advantage and a strong return on investment through improved customer service and increased productivity because of its unprecedented level of responsiveness.



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