Critical Thinking

Oracle Philippines Pirating Policy
by: Jerry Liao

In any business, having an efficient and effective business partners can spell the success and failure of any company. The common structure of businesses is big corporations will appoint distributors, wholesalers, resellers and retailers. This structure will help big companies focus their role in further developing their products and fostering innovations, and let their partners worry about the sales and customer relation.

In a partnership, the following ingredient should exist:

• Respect – the feeling of appreciation or esteem that comes from treating others the way that you wish to be treated yourself;
• Trust – the feeling of warmth and reliance that stems from knowing that you will never deliberately do harm to others;
• Faith – the sense of certainty or assurance that comes from knowing something is true even though you cannot prove it;
• Hope – the courage to face the unknown because you know that possibilities exist beyond your personal knowledge and experience; and
• Service – the sense of gratitude and love that comes from helping others achieve their dreams and grow as human beings in the process.

Now in case you’re wondering why I sound like am lecturing here about the importance of business partners, it is because of an incident involving Oracle Philippines and one of its partners – Nexus Technologies. Nexus is a reseller of Oracle Philippines. Just recently, Oracle and Nexus is working on a certain project. Like in any other projects, a point person from both companies are present.

During this project, Oracle might have been impressed with the Nexus representative and hinted that they want to hire the Nexus representative. An offer sheet was made I believed. This came to the attention of Nexus, and like any other partner, Nexus informed Oracle about their objection. Guess what, Oracle proceeded with the hiring despite the objection from its partner. At present, the Nexus representative is
now with Oracle. And with the hire, Nexus decided to discontinue its business relationship with Oracle Philippines.

First of all, the Nexus representative is not to be blamed here. The opportunity was presented, the representative simply grabbed it.

Some of you might disagree with what I am about to say but I believed Oracle made a very big mistake here. Like any other company, Nexus invested a lot in developing their staff to become competent. Invested a lot of time, money, effort, trust and relationship. And pirating one’s staff is a sickening act, more so being done by a partner. Where is the word partnership here? Where is respect? Where is “delicadeza”? And where is professionalism?

And what’s funny about the situation, Oracle pirating the Nexus employee means Oracle paying more than what this employee is receiving, at the expense of losing a partner which is revenue generating. Ironic isn’t it?

And you know what, Oracle was even disappointed with Nexus decision to terminate its business relationsip with them? What does Oracle expect? Nexus awarding Oracle a Plaque of Appreciation for Piracy? Can I have the Business Software Alliance check on this? Just kidding.

And may I also remind Oracle that this employee maybe effective, but Oracle should also take into consideration that perhaps what makes this employee effective is Nexus. Without Nexus, this employee may not be as effective as he or she is. The secret perhaps is in the way Nexus motivates, encourage and support it’s employees – a trait that does not exist in Oracle am sure.

And can somebody tell Oracle that there are millions of Filipinos who are currently looking for a job. Why hire an employee who belongs to a partner and then lose the partner at the end. This I really cannot

One last thing, Oracle may have caught the buying habit because of their numerous acquisitions, and now they’re buying or pirating people. A classic display of arrogance and insensitivity. With Oracle’s action, Oracle may have increased their intellectual capital within the company. But I will now question their social capital and their cultural capital.

So to all the companies out there, the next time you work with companies like Oracle who will grab every opportunity once it sees a talent regardless whether this talent is from a partner or a competitor, you have to be very careful because it may be the last time that you’ll work with your employee after spending countless hours of training him or her.

My advice – the next time you’re going to work with Oracle or any other company who has this nasty habit of pirating, send your lowest rank employee first just to be sure. Although you may be in for a big surprise – Oracle might even pirate them as well.

Just a thought, if Oracle can do this to a partner, what assurance do we have that they will not do this
to a customer? Or to any other institutions for that matter? Just asking.


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