Dancing with the Stars

DanceJam – MC Hammer’s New Social Network
by: Jerry Liao

For the younger generation, the name MC Hammer may be alien to you. But to some like me, MC Hammer (Stanley Burrell) is a big celebrity, one of the best performers the entertainment industry ever had. He’s performance is electrifying. Some of the songs he popularized are Too legit to quit, Pray, Here comes the Hammer, and You can’t touch this.

He also popularized the dance step called “The Hammer Dance” where he wore those baggy genie pants, keep legs wide apart, slightly bents, shuffle quickly one way, then the other. Some I think calls it the “Crab Step” I think.

MC Hammer went out of the limelight for some unknown reason and was even rumored to have died. MC Hammer is very much alive. As a matter of fact, he is starting a new dancing social network called “DanceJam”.

DanceJam, the first dance-focused social media destination, invites you to take a peek at http://www.dancejam.com. MC Hammer, the dean of urban dance, has teamed with Geoffrey Arone and Anthony Young, creators of social network browser Flock, to introduce DanceJam. DanceJam is an interactive community where fans of dance can learn, share, network and show off the different flavors of dance. Members can compete to become dance stars, be part of the star-making process or just watch some great dancing.

DanceJam comes as a response to the exponential demand for online video dance content. More than 75 percent of the Billboard Top 20 hits are dance music. Dance reality shows garner millions of viewers every week.

Dance is a universal form of expression, and it now tops mainstream entertainment outlets. But until now
there hasn’t been a central site on the Internet that allowed dancers and fans to interact, create profiles, share moves, learn dances, vote for their favorite members and create the next wave of dance stars.

“Dance is part of the global culture and gives us a look back in time,” said MC Hammer, co-founder and
chief strategy officer of DanceJam. “From the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers, to Elvis
Presley and Michael Jackson, dance has always defined eras. Dance is unlike any other social medium. It’s the core of our culture.”

DanceJam is the best online resource for dancers, fans of dance and anyone interested in dance culture. The interactive experience entertains and allows members to network with performers and dance fans from around the world. Visitors and members can also explore different regional dance styles, learn new steps and connect with industry professionals.

Major dancers, choreographers and music pros are already participating in DanceJam.

DanceJam includes a unique geographic categorization showing which styles and dancers are most popular in each city or region. With dance competitions, fan-based networking and the potential for real-world events based on online activity, DanceJam members may even become future dance stars. Or users can just enjoy being part of the star-making process.

Members of the site will be able to:

– Be a dance star or help make someone a star.
– Watch, compete and learn how to dance.
– Explore different types of dances.
– Add their own dance videos or browse the extensive library of dance moves and performers.
– Build fan bases and connect to their favorite performers.
– Participate in regularly scheduled Dance Battles by adding their videos or voting on others.
– Create a profile that includes their favorite dances, dancers and a personal shout-out.
– Connect with other dancers or fans in their region.

“If Facebook and MySpace are your homes on the web, DanceJam is where you go to hang out,” said Geoffrey Arone, CEO of DanceJam. “DanceJam is the place for pros and fans to meet. It’s a live, 24-7 stage to be a star or help make one. Dancers, choreographers, producers and recording artists are all part of the community. And anyone can join.”

About DanceJam
DanceJam is a social media destination where users hang out and watch people dance, learn dance moves or show off their skills online. DanceJam provides a community where members can watch and rate videos of people dancing, promote their profiles, compete in head-to-head dance-battles and competitions, register and get matched with people who share similar interests and learn about local dance-related events.

Founded in April 2007, DanceJam is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and is privately held with
funding from investors including Rustic Canyon.

The site will soon be launched but is now accepting registration. So to all Filipino dancers out there,
you may want to join this site. Who knows – this may be your ticket to stardom.


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