The Digital Media Conference 2007

In the early 1990s, the very term digital was new and novel. However, it has taken only fifteen years for e-mail, the Internet, mobile phones, the power of searchable databases, games, film and TV special effects and workplace software tools to become a common and essential part of modern life. Research has not only described the arrival of these new forms, but is increasingly addressing the unexpected social and cultural uses of digital communications and virtual work/play environments. Digital and its media is expected to affect everyone’s lives whether we like it or not.

In line with this phenomenon, Powertips is proud to present The Digital Media Conference 2007 on November 25, 2007 (Sunday) to December 2,2007 (Sunday) at the Podium in Ortigas from 11:00am to 9:00pm.

The Digital Media Conference 2007 is dedicated to showcase the latest digital technologies – from games to music to movies; gadgets, HDTV, audio/video players, mobile handsets, computers, digital imaging and a lot more. Attendees will be immersed in the state-of-the-art in current and soon-to-be-deployed technologies: what platforms will see the most traffic and why; the role of digital rights management; storage and digital asset management issues; cross-platform content production; broadband and narrow-band solutions; and others.

The Digital Media Conference 2007 will also discuss the latest digital software available like Photoshop, Premier, Dreamweaver, Flash, Microsoft Office 2007. The conference will also provides exposure and sales opportunities with the major players across entertainment, media and technology businesses plus tips and techniques on digital photography, video enhancements and other digital imaging secrets.

Who Should Attend The Digital Media Conference 2007:

– Entertainment, Content Owners and Creators, Publishers, and Enterprise Content Buyers:

Key executives from the top digital manufacturing, technology and services companies; top creators of content from entertainment, financial services, media, communications and software companies; network infrastructure companies; architects of next-generation and broadband cellular systems; broadcasters, engineers; manufacturers of enabling technology devices; professional services such as attorneys, public relations and advertising.

– Internet Executives, IT and Software Developers, Web Professionals:

Senior executives; web designers and content creators; e-commerce, sales, business development and marketing executives; portals; networking companies; attorneys, publicists and other professionals; digital asset managers; content buyers and sellers

– Financial Institutions, Banks and Investors:

CEOs and CFOs, venture capitalists, institutional investors, analysts, investment bankers, incubators, private investors, consulting firms.

– Education, Government and Enterprise Professionals:

Academic administrators and faculty. Government managers responsible for IT and training.

– Users: Gamers, hobbyist and enthusiast.

Digital Media industry leaders who will be present during the event are: Advance Solutions Inc., Astech Pengson Distributors Inc., Canon Philippines, Creative, Globe Telecom, HP Philippines, Microsoft Philippines, NEO Computers, Nexus Technologies, Silicon Valley Computer Center, Smart, Sony, Sony Ericsson, STI, WordText Systems Inc. Our media partners include: Manila Bulletin,, Brainshare, Infochat, 88.3, 89.1, 89.9, 99.5, and 103.5.

This 8-day event will be a conference + exhibit + marketing opportunities event. Exhibit Admission is FREE – Seminar Registration is required (at the venue).

The Digital Media Conference 2007 will be on November 25, 2007 (Sunday) to December 2,2007 (Sunday) at the Podium in Ortigas from 11:00am to 9:00pm.


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