Archive | December 27, 2007

Mobile Power

ChargeIT – Power charger from anywhere
by: Jerry Liao

For all the mobile device owners out there, I am sure one way or the other you have experienced this: RUN OUT OF BATTERY POWER when you needed it most.

Yes, that’s the worst thing that could happen especially if you need to make an important call – be it personal or business, then your mobile device refuse to cooperate with you. All it can say is BATTERY LOW, or the beeping sound will keep on reminding you that you need to charge your device. Do you now remember?

If that happen, what do we do? We panic a bit then look for the nearest charging center if available. Sometimes I see people going to the phone manufacturer shops at the mall and will borrow chargers and ask if they’ll be allow them to charge at the center’s premises. Sometimes the shop will say yes but more often than not, they will not allow it because these shops sell the chargers.

There are charging stations at the mall nowadays wherein you pay a certain amount and you can charge your phones for a couple of minutes perhaps just to allow you to make that important call. Another solution is to borrow your friends phone, remove his/her SIM card and you insert yours.

You can also bring your chargers with you just in case you run out of power and again ask any stores to allow you to plug your chargers. What if you have with you two or three devices? Will you bring all their chargers just in case?

The solution goes on and on and the desperation level keeps going higher depending on how important the call is. If it’s a business call and is worth a fortune, I won’t be surprise if you will go to the extent of buying a new phone.

Actually, you don’t have to do any of the things I mentioned if you have your mobile charger is with you. And when I say mobile charger, I am not referring to your mobile chargers. I am referring to this mobile charger called NANO by Etitech (distributed by Mannasoft Philippines).

The Etitech Nano Mobile Charger is the solution for your mobile devices power requirement. It will charge your mobile phones while you are on the move, especially when you needed it most. It’s a pocket-sized charger that can be used to charge multiple devices ( mobile phone, MP3 players, Portable electronic game, digital camera, etc) It’s easy to use just plug your devices into it wherever you are at your convenience.

I would say the Etitech Nano Mobile Charger is innovative because you can Use your mobile phone while charging on the go, you can charge a mobile phone up to 3 times and recharge for more than 400 times and 1200+times your phone. It is also convinient because it is lightweight and compact design, rubberized coating for handling and protection and can be charged from a USB port, fully charging in about 4 hours. It is also safe because the protection circuit prevents

over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuits, thus preventing damage to both NANO Mobile Charger and the device being charged, the output voltage is regulated automatically to ensure safe charging and there’s a red LED that blinks to indicate low battery and lights up continuously just before power cut off.

The Etitech Nano Mobile Chargers uses a Sony Lithium Polymer,

So how do we use it? Very simple:

Charging the Nano through notebook USB port:
1. Use provided USB cable, plug in mini USB.
2. Plug in mini USB into Nano.
3. Plug (full size) USB into notebook / adaptor.
4. Nano Charging indicator on (GREEN).
5. Full charge: GREEN indicator goes off.
6. Charge Nano when Low Batt indicator (RED) comes on.

You can charge it via USB, and you can also charge it via DC using the provided USB power plug.

Now to use the Nano to charge your mobile devices:
1. Use provided USB cable.
2. Plug (full size) USB into Nano.
3. Plug suitable connector into round female connector, than into mobile devices.
4. Mobile devices indicate “Charging” than “Full Charge” when charging completed.
5. Charge Nano when Low Batt indicator (RED) comes on.

The package comes with a Nano Mobile Charger (1pc), a USB cable (1pc), Connectors (6pcs – Nokia (2pcs), Sony-Ericsson (2pcs), Samsung (1pc), Motorola / mini-USB (1pc)) and AC Adaptor (1pc).

With the Etitech Nano Mobile Charger, you will have a portable emergency power everytime you need it. Losing power is a thing of the past.

The Nano Mobile Charger is distributed in the Philippines by Mannasoft.