Tech Stories of 2007
by: Jerry Liao

Remember the saying that for anyone to be successful, you should always keep your feet on the ground and glance at your past from time to time. A past which is equivalent to experience and experience as the best teacher. Keep the good ones and remember the wrong ones so that you will not commit them again.

The year 2007 is no different from the previous years. The year is full of innovation, news, and controversies. So let us go through the good times and the bad times that happen last 2007 and hope that everything will be better this 2008.

The Good:

1. The release of Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP Slim and Microsoft Zune.

2. The phenomenal success of Nintendo’s Wii and Halo
3. The release of dual SIM phones and mobile digital television.
4. Canon Philippines celebrated its 10th year anniversary. Launching of numerous products more specifically the 10MP Digital SLR – The EOS 40D.
5. The leadership of HP in PC sales and the appointment of Mr. David Tan as the new Managing Director of HP Philippines.
6. The emergence of Symantec as the leader in Security solutions.
7. The launchings of INTEL’s Classmate PCs and ASUS eePC and the One Laptop Per Child project.
8. The entry of 45 nanometer chip – INTEL Penryn. The Quad-Core era arrives.
9. The launching of AMDs Spider platform.
10. The acquisition of Acer of Gateway.
11. The appointment of Nilo Cruz as BT head.
12. The addition of Lotus Notes Code To OpenOffice Project by IBM.
13. The rejection of BEA Systems Inc. to Oracle’s takeover offer.
14. Microsoft’s Cloud Computing.
15. The Google / Microsoft / Yahoo / Wiki competition heats up. Something to watch out for this 2008 as to who will emerge as the online leader.

The Bad:

1. The closure of CA Philippines and Kodak Philippines.
2. The replacement of TJ Javier as Managing director of Microsoft Philippines. The departure of Rosan
Sison and Dittas Formoso also of Microsoft Philippines. The departure of Jino Alvarez of Epson Philippines. The departure of Nilo Cruz as HP Phils. Managing Director.
3. The dismal performance of Microsoft Vista, PlayStation 3 and the overheating problem of xBox 360.
4. The Nokia BL-5C battery issue which led to the 46 million battery recall for its mobile phones after
reports of overheating while charging.
5. Government I.T. project that went for naught due to irregularities and corruption issues.
6. The Sony notebook battery recalls from Dell and Toshiba,
7. Software glitch hits Skype users.

Almost all fortune tellers are saying that the year of the rat will bring more business to the I.T. industry.
Actually, its always been a good year for every industry. The make or break of every business lays in
our hands. We create our destiny. And when I say we, I am referring to government, business owners, and consumers. We have to keep our acts together if we want to be successful and be competitive globally. Work hard and be professional.


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