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Motorola Unveils Mobile Live TV Device
by: Jerry Liao

Gone were the days when mobile phones are branded as a communication device. The mobile phone of today has a camera, MP3 player, FM radio, gaming, video player, Internet access and television, ushering a new term called mobile phone entertainment. And the center of entertainment focus now is mobile digital television (MDTV) embedded in your mobile phone.

It provides you entertainment that you can bring wherever you are. An exciting future and a new arena of competition for mobile manufacturers. Who will lead in this area? Too early to tell still. But as they all say, let the game begin.

Motorola, Inc. announced a significant advancement in the portable media mobility experience with the introduction of the Motorola Mobile TV DVBH compatible DH01 device and mobile TV broadcast solutions portfolio. The lightweight pocket sized personal media player extends the consumer TV experience to anytime and anywhere for live TV, on-demand clips and programs saved on a DVR.

Showcased at booth #8545 (Central Hall) at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Motorola Mobile TV DH01 media player represents the natural extension of Motorola’s leadership in video and mobility solutions into mobile TV. The device is well positioned to drive lifestyle changes by enhancing consumers’ choice, convenience and control over their personal media experiences. For service providers and broadcasters, Motorola’s end-to-end mobile TV solution enables differentiation and attractive new revenue opportunities.

“Mobile TV is expected to grow significantly in 2008 and beyond and Motorola is in a unique position to mobilize the TV experience to deliver broadcast and personalized content wherever and whenever consumers want,” said Navin Mehta, vice president of Mobile TV and Applications Services for Motorola. “The Motorola Mobile TV DH01 is the ultimate personal media player – it allows consumers to enjoy their viewing experience at their convenience. In other words the entertainment experience is changing from ‘broadcast time’ to ‘my time’.”

Motorola’s Mobile TV DH01 is non-proprietary and supports the DVBH broadcasting standard in addition to open standards interfaces across devices, networks and application service platforms. The Mobile TV DH01 will be smaller than a paperback novel, but have a high quality 4.3 inch Wide Quarter Video Graphics Array Screen that supports up to 16 million colors. It also includes a five-minute memory buffer for pause during live TV viewing.

Motorola’s standards-based mobile TV solution includes network infrastructure (DVBH transmission network equipment, video headend center equipment, interactive application services delivery platform), services (to design, deploy and optimize the network in addition to application services); and the devices themselves.

For broadcasters, the Motorola Mobile TV DH01 represents an attractive proposition. They benefit from expanded viewing figures by extending their services to a new distribution channel of mobile viewers, and by offering greater reach for advertisers. For service providers, Motorola’s Mobile TV enables differentiated service offerings with interactive service capabilities to drive ARPU and customer loyalty.

Motorola’s Mobile TV DH01 has the capability to be the consumer’s all-in-one personal entertainment center by providing the following capabilities:
– Live digital video broadcast – high technology video signal playback, indoors or outdoors
– Record TV on supported Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard card; 90 minutes of TV video on a 256MB card
– Convenient automatic channel scan and channel listing
– High resolution display
– Stunning digital video quality @ 25 fps
– Video, music and pictures on your supported Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard cards
– Long lasting rechargeable battery delivers up to four hours of playback time

I am excited about all these developments. I only have one question in mind: Is this convergence happening due to consumer demand or just a result of an industry looking for new revenue streams? And what opportunities await the players involved – mobile makers, telecom providers, content providers and the consumers. Very soon, we will know the answer.


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