RED FOX Redefines Innovation
by: Jerry Liao

RED FOX Phillipines invited me to attend their press conference last week and I thought this is going to be another ordinary press conference. True enough, when I arrived at the venue, the new offerings of Red Fox were on display. New PCs, new LCD monitors, new notebook computers, new MP3 players, new keyboards, new speakers and a lot more. Little did I know that there’s more to come that night aside from new products.

Andy Te, AsianTech’s Managing Director revealed said that more than the products, Red Fox is launching a huge and ambitious strategy – take the Philippine I.T. industry by storm. “We have been in the industry for quite some time, building our products to address the various needs of the industry. We are also building our support mechanism, and the moment has arrive – we have a total solution in place” said Te. Te added that Red Fox has a solution for the following sector: gaming, entertainment, enterprise and SMEs, and the mobile workers. Let me give you a list of what Red Fox has to offer:

Red Fox introduced DeskPod, the PC that allows video and television recording, targetted for home multimedia users. Red Fox launched the space-saving RDXtruder, the all-in-one entertainment machine Media Center and the Value Server for corporate, desktop publishing, media entertainment and server applications respectively.

Mobile devices like laptops paved the way for Red Fox to deliver optimum solution for mobile applications through its laptops, the”Thin and light” Navigator, Spill-proof and shock resistant Duranote, and the sleek and stylish Notepod. The Red Fox Wizbook, the ultra value 10 and 8 inches laptops takes the meaning of mobile computing to another level.

Red Fox Vengeance, the gaming PC, is being used by the leading online gaming companies in the Philippines has proven its top of the line extreme gaming performance. The Red Fox Vengeance Fury Series fit for the fast innovations on gaming requirement. With all its all-new amazing style and design, custom lighting, and powerful performance, the Vengeance Fury proves as the best fit for PC gamers. The Red Fox Imperium is the ultimate gaming PC which unleashes the true potential of a real and hard-core gamer. On the other hand, the Red Fox Ultima, a trendy and technically advanced computer is expected to capture the corporate and home segment.

Red Fox will launch not just fresh PC and notebook models that will competitively fit every market segment but also other IT product lines targetting the Consumer Electronic market. Aside from available components such as motherboards, video cards, monitors, LCD TVs, webcams, headsets and MP3 players, Red Fox shal focus on bringing new and unique solutions specifically fit to the Philippine market.

All I can say is it’s still a long way to go for Red Fox. Having a complete line-up is a good start, but competition is tough nowadays. Market leadership will not be given by competitors to Red Fox on a silver platter, and I am sure Red Fox know this too well that is why they build their arsenal.

Red Fox is ready to go toe to toe with the competition. Having the right ammunition is just one part of the winning formula, you need to be committed, the right strategy, focus, and perserverance – and I can say Red Fox has them all.


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