Such Good Friends

Philippines – The Social Networking Capital of the World
by: Jerry Liao

The Philippines is regarded as the texting capital of the world for a long time now. Anywhere you go, anywhere you look – almost every Filipino owns a mobile phone – regardless of their status in life. Mobile phone is a commodity here and mobile phone credits are sold like candies. You can buy phone credits for as low as one pesos. How much does it cost for one to send a text message? One peso too. That’s retail for you.

But I am not here to talk about why we are regarded as the texting capital of the world, that’s an old story already. Universal McCann recently release their latest study undertaken in March 2008 entitled Power To The People – Wave3.

And the report indicated that 83% of the Filipino surveyed are members of a social network, making the Philippines the social networking capital of the world followed by Hungary with 80% and Poland with 76%.

Uploading photos was regarded as the number one activity in as far as sharing content is concern and again the Philippines topped that with 86 percent, ahead of China (73%), and Mexico (72%). This can be attributed to mobile ownership and mobile phones nowadays are equipped with cameras.

The Philippines is again number one when it comes to watching videos is concern with 98.6%, followed by Mexico (94.6%) and Brazil (94.2%)

The Philippines came in second when it comes to blog readers with 90.3%, South Korea is number one with 92.1%. When in comes to downloading podcast, the Philippines is fifth with 61.8%. China is number one with 74.3%.

In as far as subscribing to RSS feeds, the Philippines landed sixth with 45.2%. Russia is number one with 56.6%

When it comes to uploading videos, the Philippines came in second with 60.5%. Brazil is number one with 68.3%

In as far as social networking usage is concern, MySpace leads the pack with 32.3%, followed by Facebook (22.5%), Blogger (15.7), Baidu (15.0), and QQ (14.6) completing the Top 5.

In summary:

– 83% watch video clips, up from 62% in the last study in June 2007
– 78% read blogs, up from 66%
– 57% of internet users are now members of a social network
– RSS consumption is growing rapidly up from 15% to 39%
– Podcasts are now mainstream digital content, listened to by 48%
– 22% have installed a widget or applications [although relatively few install marketing apps]
– 55% have shared photos
– 22% have shared their videos
– 31% have started a blog

The research covers input from 17,000 internet users across 29 countries and was undertaken to understand the rise in consumer generated content and how people are using social media.

You can view the entire report at :

God Bless!


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