The World Is Not Enough

Apple expands iPhone reach globally
by: Jerry Liao

A few months ago, it was reported here in the Philippines that a possible deal between local telecom providers Smart and Globe to bring Apple’s iPhone in the Philippines collapsed for an undisclosed reason. iPhone lovers had to resort to other means to acquire their iPhone.

But I guess that is going to change very soon. Globe Telecom in its Web site stated that “Globe, SingTel, Bharti Airtel and Optus today announced that they have signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to the Philippines, Singapore, India, and Australia later this year. More information will be released at a later date”.

Now that is good news for our local iPhone lovers. But the deal is not just to bring iPhone to Asia. Apple is really entering into more non-exclusive iPhone deals worldwide.

France Telecom Orange announced that it will sell the iPhone in Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and the African countries of Ivory Coast, Jordan, Cameroon, Botswana, Madagascar, Mali, Senegal, Mauritius and Réunion.

Vodafone announced it had signed a deal to provide the iPhone in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey.

Swisscom announced it had won the right to sell the iPhone in Switzerland.

Why is Apple doing this? Simple–COMPETITION. I am sure Apple already realized that if it still insists on exclusive deals with carriers, Apple will lose its mobile phone market share. Other companies are releasing gadgets that function like an iPhone–at a much lower price.

It was rumored that during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this coming June, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will unveil a 3G iPhone. I really hope 3G iPhones will be the ones offered by Globe Telecom.

God bless us all!


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