The SME Business Technology Conference 2008

Unlocking the Power of the Entrepreneur
by: Jerry Liao

Everyone’s familiar with how technology has revolutionized the way we do business and driven growth and success, not only to large enterprises but to SME’s as well. In today’s global economy, we cannot compete on the basis of low labor costs and cheap materials. We can only compete on the basis of our knowledge, skills and creativity.

Entrepreneurial ventures, family businesses and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in general play vital roles in every economy although the extent may differ from country to country.

Besides contributing to the volume of output of goods and services in the economy, they create employment, form a springboard from which large firms leap, stimulate competition in the economy, feed large firms with raw materials, semi-finished goods, parts, etc. and distribute their products, and so on. However, the question of sustainability of small and medium-size businesses in the new and competitive global era following the competitive onslaughts of multinational companies and other large corporations has been raised.

Policy makers around the world are also giving increasing attention to the issue of creating sustainable and resilient small and medium businesses. It is therefore important and timely to organize a conference in this area, to bring together policy makers, academics, the business community and researchers to interact and share their experiences from research and practice.

If you have a business that employs 1 to 500 employees, then you belong to the SME category, and the SME Business Technology Conference organized by Powertips is the right venue for you to gain that competitive advantage.

The SME Business Technology Conference which is slated on June 5, 6, 7, 2008 (Thur, Fri, Saturday) at the SM Megatrade Hall 1 focuses on delivering a very unique event experience to support the success and growth of small businesses and medium enterprises in the Philippines. Admission is FREE.

Conference Schedule:

Thursday ( June 5, 2008 )
1 – 2pm : SME – Informating your Business to Success (Jerry Liao)
2 – 3pm : Gaining Business Advantage thru Technology (Ricky Banaag – INTEL Philippines)
3 – 4pm : Coming Online and Teach Your Target COnsumers (Cris Concepcion – Yahoo Philippines)
4 – 5pm : Online advertising – SMEs can do it too! – (Cris Concepcion – Yahoo Philippines)

Friday ( June 6, 2008 )
1 – 2pm : SME – Informating your Business to Success (Jerry Liao)
2 – 3pm : Starting your own Energy Efficient Data Center (Ian Dela Rosa – APC)
3 – 4pm : Increase Revenue, Manage Costs & Integrate Operations: The Way to Grow Your SME Business(Eugene John Uyboco – SAP PHILIPPINES)
4 – 5pm : Key Telephone System on Servers and Storage (Kathy Fernandez – NEC Philippines)

Saturday ( June 7, 2008 )
1 – 2pm : SME – Informating your Business to Success (Jerry Liao)
2 – 3pm : Technology powered Businesses (Cornelio Miguel Montalbo – Acer)
3 – 4pm : Exploring the MAC for Business (Joey – Microwarehouse / Apple)
4 – 5pm : PLDT Business Connections and Solutions (Jerameel Azurin – PLDT)

Attendees will gain valuable tools, resources, information and connections. Be enlightened by informative seminars from industry experts going throughout the day. Visitors will also have the chance to win FREE computers and other valuable prizes.

Participating companies: Accencia, Acer, APC, BenQ, Brother, Canon, Chase Tech, Epson, HP, INTEL, IronFort, Mannasoft, Microwarehouse, Nexus, NEC, PLDT, Red Fox, SAP, WSI, Yahoo Philippines.

Media Partners: RPN9, Manila Bulletin, BusinessWorld, BusinessMirror, Inquirer.Net,, INFOCHAT, Brainshare, 88.9, 89.1, 89.9, 99.5, 103.5

For more information and schedule of conferences, visit or call 893.5274 or 8878447 locals 3350 and 3360. Small is beautiful, only if we think big.

See you all on June 5, 6, 7, 2008 at SM Megatrade Hall 1 for the SME Business Technology Conference 2008.

One response to “The SME Business Technology Conference 2008”

  1. Paterno R. Ruaya Jr. says :

    I am very interested to join the convention. I will be establishing an Internet cafe in Canlubang next month. I have already a computer, SmartBro connection, a space good for 10 PCs and a technical support of a friend.Your conference is in time for the opening of classes where an Internet market is expected to grow.

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