You’ve Got Mail

Yahoo! Announces Global Availability of Two New E-mail Domains
by: Jerry Liao

Frustating is the word I can think of everytime I try to register an email address only to find out that it’s already taken. Even variations of you’re desired email are all taken. This goes to show how popular email is today for both business and personal use. That is why the recent announcement of Yahoo! is a big welcome.

Yahoo! Inc. announced the global availability of two new e-mail domains that will give users the chance to register for the e-mail address or Yahoo! ID they have always wanted. People can finally get a new Yahoo! e-mail address at and

As a result of its global popularity, many desirable e-mail addresses have already been taken for the domain, as well as for localized versions of the namespace in countries around the world. With the two new e-mail domain choices, Yahoo! will make millions of new e-mail addresses available to the online community.

Yahoo! recently commissioned a survey conducted by Harris Interactive to determine what online adults look for when choosing an e-mail address and found some noteworthy results:

— The majority of online adults (59 percent) consider the most important attribute of an e-mail address to be that it is easy to remember.

— When asked if they could choose any e-mail address for personal use, seven in ten online adults (70 percent) would opt to have some portion of their name included – 31 percent would want their last name included, 27 percent would choose their first name, while 28 percent would prefer to have their nickname as part of their e-mail address.

— Of online adults who indicated that they are not currently using their first choice e-mail address, over half (54 percent) agree that they want their e-mail address to reflect who they are, and about half (48 percent) would be at least somewhat likely to change addresses should their preferred choice become available.

E-mail addresses at the new domains will have the same great Yahoo! Mail features as addresses at the domain, including:

— Unlimited storage – Yahoo! Mail provides all users with free unlimited e-mail storage

— Integrated Instant Messaging and Text Messaging – Users can connect in real-time to their contacts with Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger and send text messages to friends on the go, right from their Yahoo! Mail inbox

— Protection from spam and viruses – All of the same great protection that is built into Yahoo! Mail will apply to these new domains. Yahoo! uses advanced technologies and data from numerous sources to dramatically reduce the delivery of spam and phishing e-mails

— Country-specific e-mail account – When signing up for an e-mail account, users have the option of choosing localized country versions from each of the Yahoo! domains:, and

As always, a Yahoo! ID will work for everything across the Yahoo! Network, from checking e-mail to checking out Messenger, Flickr, Groups, Sports, Finance and more.

In many markets, Yahoo! will also help users transfer their e-mail and contacts to their new address and notify friends of their new e-mail address.

I already got my Ymail, you better get yours before somebody beat you to it.


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