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Visa Launches the Visa Business Network on Facebook
by: Jerry Liao

Visa Inc. unveiled the Visa Business Network (, the first-ever application dedicated to connecting small businesses on Facebook. The Visa Business Network has been created with small businesses, for small businesses, and is a unique environment built on Facebook Platform for the small business arena. To celebrate this initiative, Visa will award a total of $2 million in Facebook advertising credit to help small business owners reach new customers and drive new growth.

The Visa Business Network combines Facebook Platform, and its ability to deliver innovative applications on Facebook, with the global leader in small business payment services, Visa. This inventive new site can help small business owners easily tap into a global network of peers and advisers from among the more than 80,000 small businesses already on Facebook. It will also provide small business owners with valuable business tools and help them efficiently identify and target thousands of prospective customers. This one-stop resource will empower small business owners to expand their customer base, manage their business better and exchange ideas with other businesses and trusted advisers.

Visa focuses on enabling small businesses to pursue their passions by providing payment products that help them succeed. The Visa Business Network builds on that by providing small businesses with networking capabilities that will help to grow their business, get support to manage it more effectively. In creating the Visa Business Network, Visa and Facebook focused on these three needs:

Connect with others
Networking is an essential part of a small business’ success; it helps owners grow and manage their business. The Visa Business Network is a simple way to find and network with other business owners for new business, best practices, advice or support. The network enables small business owners to search for and connect with relevant businesses.

Manage more efficiently
Small business owners can access tools kits from content partners that provide easy-to-use products, including Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites, to help increase business efficiency. Small business owners can also quickly get an online presence through Google Maps. In partnership with The Wall Street Journal marketing, small business owners can also “Ask the Experts.” They can connect with leading small business experts from Entrepreneur by participating in Q&A forums and expert advice columns. Also in partnership with All Business,, Fast Company and Microsoft, Visa is providing small business owners with exclusive access to small-business news feeds, videos, blogs and editorial commentary about issues such as cash flow management, new ways to attract customers and cost management.

Grow business
Small business owners can grow their business by reaching more than 80 million active users worldwide and more than 80,000 small businesses on Facebook. People can stay connected with their friends and peers and the people around them. Facebook users communicate and share information through the social graph — digital mapping of the connections and relationships between people that exist in the real world. It’s the power of the social graph that helps business owners connect with one another and connect with their customers on Facebook. In addition, Facebook Ads allow businesses to deliver relevant advertising that can be targeted to users based on their interests.


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