Browser Battle – Second Time Around

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2
by: Jerry Liao

As of July 2008, Internet Explorer (IE7, IE6, IE5) captures more than 50% of the browser market, but Firefox is just around the corner with 42.6%. Safari has 2.5%, Opera has 1.9% and Mozilla has 0.5%. (

It seems Microsoft is deadset in maintaining its lead of even widening it by offering a much secure of their browser – Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. Let us visit some of the new feaures this new version has the offer:

– InPrivate Browsing. When activated, InPrivate Browsing ensures that history, temporary Internet files and cookies are not recorded on a user’s PC after browsing.

– InPrivate Blocking. InPrivate Blocking helps protect privacy by offering the user the ability to block content coming from third parties that are in a position to track and aggregate their online behavior. Users are provided with notice, choice and control of which third parties to allow and which ones to block.

– Compatibility View. Some Web sites that are designed for older browsers may not display correctly in Internet Explorer 8, which, by default renders content in the most standards-compliant way possible. Internet Explorer 8 has a Compatibility View button that displays those pages as they were designed to be viewed, providing people with an easy way to fix display problems such as out-of-place menus, images and text.

– Crash recovery. In Internet Explorer 8, if a tab does crash, it is automatically restored and reloaded, and any information the user may have already entered on the page (such as when writing an e-mail or filling out a form) is restored.

– Delete Browsing History. Internet Explorer 8 enhances the Delete Browsing History feature by providing users with the ability to delete some cookies, history and other data while preserving cookies, history and other data for their favorite sites.

– SmartScreen filter. Built upon the Microsoft Phishing Filter, the SmartScreen filter helps protect against a broader set of phishing threats and helps protect from sites that attempt to download malicious software.

– Smart Address Bar. In addition to matching URLs in the user’s site history, the Smart Address Bar in Internet Explorer 8 matches what a user types in the Address Bar with titles in the history as well as content in their favorites and feeds, making it easier to locate sites the user wants to visit.

– Enhanced Find On Page. Find On Page functionality has been enhanced to improve how users search for text on Web pages.

– Find On Page. Find On Page now appears as a toolbar activated by pressing Ctrl-F or choosing Find On Page from the Edit menu or Instant Search Box. The toolbar appears below the user’s tab so it doesn’t obscure any of the text on the page.

– Result count. The enhanced Find On Page functionality shows the user how many places the search text appears on the page.

– Result highlighting. The enhanced Find On Page functionality highlights all places on the page where the search text appears so users can locate them at a glance.

– Redesigned New Tab Page. The New Tab Page in Internet Explorer 8 has been redesigned to allow the user to perform common tasks by clicking links on the New Tab Page.

– Tab Groups. When one tab is opened from another, the new tab is placed next to the originating tab, and both are marked with a colored tab, so users can quickly discern which tabs have related content.

– Reopen last browsing session. Internet Explorer 8 enables users to reopen their last browsing session from the most recently closed instance of Internet Explorer, which is useful if the user accidentally closes the browser.

– Web Slices. Developers can mark parts of Web pages as Web Slices and enable users to monitor information they rely on as they move about the Web. With a click in the Favorites bar, users see rich Web Slice visuals and developers establish a valuable end-user connection.

– Enhanced Search Box. The Search Box in Internet Explorer 8 is more helpful, making it easier for users to find content of interest and increasing the odds that search results will be relevant. As users type a search term, they can see real-time search suggestions, including images, from their chosen search provider. In addition, the Search Box now presents results from the user’s own Favorites and browsing history.

Internet Explore 8 Beta 2 is now available for download at the Microsoft website.


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