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Friendly Business

Enterprise Social Networking Strategies
by: Jerry Liao

Prior to the online explosion, when you want to meet new people, you need to go out, join parties and gatherings. Today, all you need is to have a computer in front of you, internet connection and you’re on your way to meeting new friends.

This can be achieved via online chatting, instant messaging, forums and the most popular of them all nowadays – Social Networking. Social Networking sites are online communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.
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The Android Affair

T-Mobile launches G1 Mobile Phone
by: Jerry Liao

The battle in the mobile space ha shifted from the device to the operating system (OS). A new player is joining the war, its called ‘Android’ developed by Google. The competitor are industry leaders Symbian (Nokia) and Windows Mobile (Microsoft).

But of course, an OS without a device using it is useless. Most of the mobile phones are using Symbian. Most of the Smartphones available are using Windows Mobile 6.1. So who is using Android? For now, its T-Mobile G1 mobile phone.
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China overtakes the USA to be World Broadband Number One

China has now overtaken the USA to become the biggest broadband country in the world. From analysis of its latest data, Point Topic believes that both the USA and China had about 78 million broadband lines at the end of August, but with China growing twice as fast.

“This is a major milestone for China,” says Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive of Point Topic. “Launching people into space is spectacular, but having the biggest broadband market down here on earth means a lot more for building a modern, hi-tech economy.”
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The Break-In

How Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Mail Account was Hacked
by: Jerry Liao

Undoubtly, email is the most popular application on the web. Just like mobile phones, almost every citizen or those who have access to the web definitely has one email address or maybe even more. And why not, email is considered one of the most effective way of communication regardless of users location. Not only can you send messages, but one can also attach files like documents, audio and video files and others.

It also has become part of one’s daily habit to check his/her email every so often. Email definitely is part of ones life. It’s like if you don’t have an email account, then perhaps something is wrong with you. Why? Because getting an email account is easy and is free.
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Low Sperm Count? Blame it on your mobile phones

How many times have we read studies indicating that mobile phones can cause brain / memory related problems? Debates about whether mobile phones microwave radiation can really pose health problems like increased cancer risk, brain tumors, disturbed brain function and other health disturbances keeps coming out. Then there will be another study refuting earlier studies saying that there are no concrete evidence that will support such claims.

Attention all Males, here’s another study that will affect only men who puts their mobile phones in their pockets.
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Up Up and Away

All about Cloud Computing
by: Jerry Liao

Cloud computing is a general concept that incorporates software as a service, Web 2.0 and other recent, well-known technology trends, where the common theme is reliance on the Internet for satisfying the computing needs of the users.

The majority of cloud computing infrastructure currently consists of reliable services delivered through next-generation data centers that are built on compute and storage virtualization technologies. The services are accessible anywhere in the world.
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Everything’s Gone Green

Users Are Confused About the Issues and Solutions Surrounding Green IT – Gartner
by: Jerry Liao

Nowadays, most computer companies are talking about virtualization, VoIP, cloud computing, mobility, SaaS, and Green I.T. But it seems the industry made a mistake as somewhere in terms of explaining to users what these technologies is all about. Particularly, Green Computing. What is it really? In general, green computing relates to the use of computing resources in conjunction with minimizing environmental impact, maximizing economic viability and ensuring social duties. But how many I.T. users actually understand what green computing is all about?

As pointed out in a recent study by Gartner Inc, IT users are unsure of the implications of green IT and where to invest their technology budgets. Gartner analyst said this confusion will continue for some years to come in what is a rapidly changing segment of the industry.
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What’s In a Name?

Sony, Canon, Nike, Google, HP Leads Top Brands in Asia for 2008

Asia’s leading media, marketing and advertising publication, Media, in conjunction with world leading market insight company, TNS, has released ‘Asia Pacific’s Top 1000 Brands’ for 2008.

The survey, expanded on previous years to include responses from consumers in a total of 10 markets in the region, presents an overview of the local and global brands that consumers think most highly of across sectors and geographies.
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