Web Domination

Google launches Picasa 3, Business Video and Chrome Browser

Google made a lot of announcements last week, new products and new offerings – Picasa 3, Google Video for Business and the much talked about Google Browser – CHROME.

Picasa 3
Picasa 3.0 beta is free desktop software for Windows that helps you organize, print, and creatively edit your photos. Picasa also integrates seamlessly with Picasa Web Albums for sharing your photos online — with just one click in Picasa 3, you can sync albums from your PC to the web, so that any changes or additions you make on your PC are automatically reflected on your web gallery. New tools in Picasa 3 help you make professional-looking edits without any technical knowledge, including:

– A drag-and-drop photo-collage tool gives you total freedom over layout and content
– A powerful retouching brush to wipe out scratches and blemishes, and repair old photos.
– A slideshow movie maker that uploads to YouTube with a click
– Auto red-eye removal
– Smart auto-cropping that guides you on how to zoom in on your subject
– A fast-launching Photo Viewer to quickly inspect and manipulate images while in the Windows filesystem

As always, Picasa automatically finds and sorts the photos on your hard drive, and lets you drag and drop photos into folders or add custom tags. It leaves your original files undisturbed on your hard drive, so you don’t have to worry about overwriting or altering your originals — you can go back a year later and undo any edits you’ve made. And you can always download all your photos out of Picasa Web Albums.

Google Video for Business
Google Video for business, a new application in Google Apps for sharing video in an organization in two easy steps — simply upload a video to Google Apps, and then invite others to view it. With Google Video for business, anyone can upload a video — on anything ranging from executive communications to product training to trip reports — and share it securely with individuals or the entire company. Google Video for business is now available as part of Google Apps Premier Edition at no additional cost.

With Google Video for business, companies can leverage the power and intimacy of video to communicate all flavors of corporate information including:

– Leadership communications such as business updates and corporate announcements
– Training and how-to videos to share product knowledge and business expertise
– Customer insight derived from site visits, interviews, or focus groups
– Social videos that evangelize relevant activity and initiatives across an organization

Google Browser – CHROME
Chrome, a new open source browser intended to create a better web experience for users around the world. Available in beta in more than 40 languages, Google Chrome is a new approach to the browser that’s based on the simplicity and power that users have come to expect from Google products.

Google Chrome was designed to make it easy for users to search and navigate the web for the content they’re looking for.

– A combined search and address bar quickly takes users where they want to go, often in just a few keystrokes.
– When users open a new tab in Google Chrome, they’ll see a page that includes snapshots of their most-visited sites, recent searches and bookmarks, making it even easier to navigate the web.

Google Chrome was engineered to deliver a seamless web experience for users. At its core is a multi-process platform that helps provide users with enhanced stability and security.

– Each browser tab operates as a separate process; by isolating tabs, should one tab crash or misbehave, others remain stable and responsive, and users can continue working without having to restart Google Chrome.
– Google also built a new JavaScript engine, V8, which not only speeds up today’s web applications, but enables a whole new class of web applications that couldn’t exist on today’s browsers.

To further advance the openness of the web, Google Chrome is being released as an open source project under the name Chromium. The intent is that Google will help make future browsers better by contributing the underlying technology in Google Chrome to the market, while continuing to develop additional features. Google Chrome for Mac and Linux users will be available in the coming months.

Among the three announcements, Google Chrome takes the cake. Google announced the last piece of the puzzle in its bid to dominate the web space. A direct challenge to Internet Explorer’s dominance. All Google has to do now is to integrate all its offering and to make it work seamless. The world wide web will definitely be more exciting with the addition of Chrome.


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