Women wants Internet than to have Sex
by: Jerry Liao

To highlight how important the internet is nowadays, Intel commissioned the services of Harris Interactive to conduct a survey entitled ““Internet Reliance in Today’s Economy”. The survey indeed proved that people finds the internet very important, but at the expense of something equally important to some – SEX.

Harris Interactive polled 2,119 adults and 46% of women said they will opt to forgo sex for two weeks instead of giving up access to the Internet for the same period. Oucch!. Can you imagine husbands setting up a romantic mood for their wives only to be turned down because of the internet?

But wait, the survey also indicated the 30% of men would also opt to forgo sex for two weeks instead of giving up access to the Internet for the same period. Double oucch!.

The survey suggests that loving couples will rather surf the web, blog, tweet, or be busy with their social networking sites rather than getting cozy in bed.

Other findings include:

– 61% of the women surveyed said they would rather go without TV for two weeks than lose access to the Internet for a single week.

– 65% of adults feel they cannot live without Internet access.

– 71% responded that it is important or very important to have Internet-enabled devices, such as laptops, netbooks and mobile Internet devices that can provide them with real-time updates on important issues including the state of the economy.

– Those surveyed said access to the Internet ranked highest among the discretionary spending items they could not live without. Cable television, dining out, shopping for clothes and gym memberships followed in declining importance.

I think the next angle to look into in this survey are their web activities. If you think not getting in bed is bad, the worst thing is yet to come. Some may go online to look for another mate — be it for friendship, companionship or something more. Why? Dissatisfaction over their partner.

Husbands and wives need to work out their relationship for it to grow and stay healthy. It’s a working process and does not start and end with the “I Dos”. More often than not, looking for alternatives starts when problems exists between the couple. And the internet is one of the best ways to play around.

I know of men and women who will go online just to have someone to talk to. For men, some says their wives are too busy with other things like family, friends and others that they don’t have time for them. For women, some says their men are too busy working, or is out with their friends. Intially the purpose of going online is just to talk, but more often than not, it will lead to something deeper, then bigger problems will begin.

Why am I saying this? Because the internet is not to blame here. The internet is just a tool or a venue for people to communicate. How and why people use it is a totally different ballgame. Relationships is about loving and caring. Put God at the center of your relationship.

Word of caution: Do not easily trust the people you’re chatting with on the other line. You might be getting yourself more into trouble than thinking that you’re solving the problem, sadness or boredom that you have at hand.


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