I.T. Movers and Makers of 2008

In the spirit of looking ahead to 2009 and with high hopes for a better information technology year, it is good to look back and review the innovations that made a mark this 2008, news and development that hugged the I.T. limelight. What are the products, solutions, services that made a big impact on the I.T.industry and will play a big role to the innovations of the coming years.

1. Netbooks
I would say the year 2008 is the year of the portable netbooks. Started by Asus, the other players like HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, RedFox, Neo, and others joined the foray and releases their respective netbook offerings. The availability of Intel Atom made it even a bigger success. The only thing I am not happy about was the prices of netbooks went up, beyond my twenty thousand pesos price ceiling.

2. Touchscreen Phones and Mobile OS
Started with the iPhone, almost all mobile handset manufacturers came out with their own version of Touchscreen phones. Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG and others releases their touchscreen phones combined with high resolution cameras, stero quality sound and a lot of functionalities. The battle for the mobile operating system heats up with the unveiling of Android powered phone G1. Nokia bought Symbian and Microsoft launches Windows Mobile 6.1 (and soon Mobile 6.5).

3. Social Networking Explosion
The popularity of Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, Digg, Friendster, Twitter and others has become mainstream that enterprises now applies the very core of social networking technology to help market their businesses.

4. Microsoft Yahoo – Takeover Deal
To be able to compete with Google, Microsoft made a bid to buy Yahoo, offering as high as $44.6 billion only to be rejected by Jerry Yang. Google also tried to block the deal saying the proposed deal could pose threats to “innovation and openness” on the Internet. Yang stepped down as Yahoo’s CEO and Microsoft is now hinting they may still acquire Yahoo but for $20 billion only.

5. Processing the Processors
The introduction of Intel Core i7 changed the landscape of computing. Core i7 brings speed, improve performance and power efficiency. But to me, Intel Atom is the most successful processor for 2008.

6. Birth of new offerings and terminologies
Year 2008 ushered in new services like Virtualization, Deduplication, SaaS, Cloud Computing, and others. Vendors are announcing products and services addressing the new technologies. Users on the other hand are at a lost on which solutions to adopt.

7. Mega-Megapixels
The digital cameras that came out this 2008 are simply awesome. Higher megapixels, more features, easier to use are just some of its prominent characteristics. I am particularly awed by Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II that comes with 21MP and full HD video recording. Mobile phones equipped with cameras has also raised the bars of their camera resolution to 8 megapixels.

8. All-in-One, One-for-All Printers
A number of all-in-one printers debuted this year, mostly coming from Canon, Epson and HP. Not only are they more powerful, faster, more economical and more enery efficient, the all-in-one printers has become very affordable this 2008.

9. Open Arms with Open-Source
When social network sites offered their codes to developers, Open Handset Alliance boasting 47 members and Microsoft supporting open source activities simply means open source products and projects are no longer alternatives but also has become mainstream. The launching Google Chrome, Android and other open source offerings simply proves that open source is now welcome and adopted by the business community with open arms.

10. High Definition LCD TVs
Not only are their resolution getting higher and clearer, LCD makers like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, Sony, Pioneer, Sanyo, and others are coming out with bigger and more energy efficient LCD offerings. The biggest development is LCD TVs are becoming more and more afforable where owning one is no longer an impossible dream.

There are other technologies that made a lot of headway this 2008 especially in the area of security, storage, power management, business software integration and more. These technologies will continue to innovate and will always be an integral part of I.T. development.


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