2009 – The Year of Doing More for Less

by: Jerry Liao

New Year almost always brings new hope, challenges and expectations. The year 2009 will be a little different from the other years since gloomy economic news has most people wondering even fearing what lies ahead for 2009. Let us not forget that opportunity will always

Amidst talks of recession, this is the time to test companies with budget constraints. Businesses will definitely feel the crunch of the economic downturn and executives will face austerity. Decision makers should keep unnecessary investments under control, examine infrastructure and application portfolios for redundancy and other sources of inefficiency.

The best solution to counter the problem is to do things more efficiently and effectively — and technology is a key tool to make that happen. Technology will play an important role and knowing what will become available this year will be a great help. Here’s what I think will shape the technology industry this 2009 (in no particular order):

1. Touchscreen Netbooks with SIM card slot
Netbooks will continue to become more popular due to its price and portability. 2009 will usher in a new breed of netbooks. The netbooks of 2009 will sport a touchscreen interface plus a subscriber identity module (SIM) card slot that will enable users to connect to the web without having the need to be within a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Another development would be the availability of MedField – the next Atom processor. This will bring the power of the netbooks to another level. Notebook computers on the hand will come with built-in WiMax as the technology has come of age.

2. Future with Google Android
Google Android will bring a lot of excite to the mobile world with mobile handset manufacturers already announcing their 2009 Android phone offerings. The mobile OS war will heat up as well with Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile (6.5 this year) and iPhone OS all battling for mobile supremacy.

3. Low Cost Ink Not Low Quality
Printers will continue to evolve and become more clearer and faster, that’s already a given. The battle will shift to low cost ink with good quality printout. Not only will this increase the consumable sales of printing manufacturers but they will now be able to compete with companies who are into refillable inks – compete strongly if I may say so.

4. It’s all about the Web
Products, gadgets and solutions will strongly embrace the internet this 2009. The full realization of network computing might just happen this year. There were already talks that there will be computers that will automatically boots to a browser and look for web connections. I would like to see a full a real Enterprise Cloud Computing offering around this time.

The browser war will also heat up with Google Chrome as the new player. We can expect more developments coming from Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

5. Bringing technology closer to the people
Technology companies will bring their technology closer to their customers, which means companies would want their technology to be with their customers most of the time if possible. I will not be surprised if watches, MP3 players, digital cameras, television sets, radio, toys and other gadgets and appliance will come with internet connections.

6. Flat Rate for Unlimited Access
It’s just a matter of time that telecommunication companies will start to offer a flat rate fee for unlimited data access. With the advent of internet centric products, consumers will demand this from telco companies and I strongly believe they will give in to the demands of their customers.

Improvements in software offerings will continue. How it’s going to be offered and how it’s going to be priced will really be a challenge. Security concerns and threats will escalate as it is already an industry by itself.

As corporations seek to do more with less, companies should focus more on their core competence to be able to offer quality products and services. I don’t believe that more discounting is the solution to the impending economic problem but rather quality of offerings will make the difference.

I consider the economic crunch to be more of an opportunity than the other way around. If you fear or if you’re intimidated with what is to come this year 2009 then you better close down your business as fear will bring you nowhere. Open-minded and positive thinkers will face the unexpected with creativity and tenacity. Also pray for guidance as God will never forsake His children.

As they all say, tough challenges call for bold action in 2009. I wish you all a Blessed and a Prosperous New Year.


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