Archive | January 8, 2009

Philippines one of top 30 countries for offshore services in 2008

by: Jerry Liao

Businesses are continously evolving and so as the nature of competition. Competition between companies is seen as an inevitable part of doing business. Competition and challenges are not confined within one’s company or one’s territory, competition can come from a lot of angles / directions especially in the area of offshore services.

Just recently, research firm Gartner has assessed the suitability of 72 countries as offshore locations, and has announced its ‘Top 30’. The analysis showed that the dynamic nature of the market has seen a number of countries position themselves as credible alternatives to the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

“Countries such as Mexico, Poland and Vietnam have continued to strengthen their position against leading alternatives, while others have forced their way into the ‘Top 30’. These countries will be seeking to take advantage of the opportunity created by the increased focus that many organisations now have on cost optimisation, as a result of the current economic crisis,” said Ian Marriott, research vice president at Gartner.
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