Top Ten Predictions for 2009 and beyond

People nowadays are wondering how the global economic situation will impact their livelihood and business. Some companies are struggling to make ends meet and stay ahead of the game. Some companies resort to job cuts while others resort to restructuring and reengineering their business.

The current economic situation will bring changes to a lot of things including technology. Research firm Gartner Inc. published their annual top 10 list of broad technology predictions selected from more than 100 predictions that its analysts presented and reviewed every year. The remaining predictions in this year’s top 10 are:

1. High-definition based video meeting solutions will replace 2.1 million airline seats annually, costing the travel and hospitality industry US$3.5 billion per year.

2. From 2009 to 2013 the server virtualization software market will grow with a CAGR ( Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 28 percent, rising from US$1.8bn to US$6.2bn. Organizations are looking at ways to cut costs, better utilise assets and reduce implementation/management time and complexity. Virtualization addresses all of these concerns.

3. By 2011, 30 percent of Consulting and Systems Integration revenue will be delivered via ’cloud computing’, a style of computing where massively scaleable IT-enabled capabilities are delivered ’as a service’ to external customers using internet technologies.

4. By 2012, as many as one in three of the top 20 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers will no longer exist. The market will witness a shake out of its competitive landscape over the coming months as providers are swept up in the economic crisis, exposed to loss making contracts on their books and an inability to adapt to standardised business models.

5. By 2012, successful enterprises will actively encourage and reward more failures in order to find the optimal approach they want more quickly.

6. In 2012, the major PC vendors will recycle only one PC for every five they ship. With ongoing PC market growth and strong adoption of mobile PCs, the volume of secondary PCs is accelerating.

7. By 2012, 30 percent of mobile PCs sold in the worldwide consumer market will be priced at less than US$300.

8. By year end 2013, 40 percent of enterprise knowledge workers will have abandoned or removed their desk phone.

9. By the end of next year 2010, wireless operators will cease to offer unlimited (flat-rate) mobile data plans.

10. By year end 2012, physical sensors will create 20 percent of non-video internet traffic.


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