Tata Communications announces USD 430 million investment in Asia Pacific

Let’s all take a break from the job-cuts and gloomy economy stories for a while and put our focus on the good side of the economy. Believe it or not, there are a lot of good news and good things happening in business.

Like this news about Tata Communications announcement to invest USD 430 million strategic investment plan in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The investments include developing the Tata Communications Exchange, a new world-class Internet Data Center (IDC), and the completion of the main segment of its TGN-Intra Asia Cable System.

These investments are a key part of the company’s commitment to enhance its robust global infrastructure as part of its USD 2 Billion expansion plan over three years. The Tata Communications Exchange and the TGN-Intra Asia Cable System are integral parts of the Tata Global Network (TGN) that includes one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks, a Tier-1 IP platform and more than 1 million square feet of data center and co-location facilities worldwide.

Building on Tata Communications’ extensive global submarine cable and Tier-1 Internet Protocol (IP) network, the new data center will deliver colocation, managed hosting, managed storage and value-added services. Tata Communications will provide its global customers the added flexibility to remain competitive through centrally- managed solutions with high quality of service.

Paving the way for continuous support of economic growth and development within the APAC market, Tata Communications also announced the completion of the main segment of its USD 250 million TGN-Intra Asia cable system. The multi-terabit system spans 6,700 km that connects Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines. It increases data and voice reliability by providing new route diversity for traffic generated throughout and into APAC.

As part of its focus on expanding communications services to and from emerging markets, Tata Communications is partnering with Globe Telecom and EVN Telecom to expand the TGN-Intra Asia Cable System into the Philippines and Vietnam respectively.

Tata Communications, a member of the $62.5 billion Tata Group, is a leading global provider of a new world of communications. The emerging markets communications leader leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global and pan-India network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national and Indian enterprises, service providers and Indian consumers.

Tata Communications’ range of services include transmission, IP, converged voice, mobility, managed network connectivity, hosting and storage, managed security, managed collaboration and business transformation for global enterprises and service providers, as well as Internet, retail broadband and content services for Indian consumers.


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