Save more by managing power consumption

Are you still looking for ways to cut your operating cost? There are a lot of ways really, you just have to sit down and look closely at your operations and you will be able to find ways to lower down your cost, and not just laying off your employees.

Gartner Inc. recently released a report entitled “PC Power Management Activation Leads to Significant Power and Cost Savings” which indicates that organizations that are actively employing power management functionality can expect to save $43,300 (P2,165,000) per year, compared with an unmanaged 2,500-PC organization. In addition, turning off and unplugging machines saves another $6,500 (P325,000), but this may affect employee productivity because updates will need to be carried out during working hours.

Gartner has created a model to assess the impact of different variables on an organization’s total PC power use that calculates the power consumption for desktops, notebooks and associated monitors during the workday and after hours. The model is based on three different scenarios — the well-managed, unmanaged and unplugged organization — and includes a number of common assumptions, including: there are 2,500 employees in the organization, the ratio of PCs to employees is 1-to-1, employees work an eight-hour business day 230 days per year and active use of the PC during working hours is 70 percent of the time. The power calculation assumes a cost of $0.1 for one kilowatt-hour (kWh).

In the well-managed scenario, it is assumed that power management features are activated on all devices, and desktops are not switched off or unplugged after hours, thereby enabling remote updates to be performed. Notebook devices are switched off or placed in suspend mode 50 percent of the time after hours and of these, 50 percent are unplugged after hours.

In the unmanaged scenario, no attempt is made to manage or control the power management features, and users are left to decide whether to activate or deactivate the power management features. In this scenario it is assumed that both desktop and notebook users activate power management features in 50 percent of the cases, 50 percent of desktops are switched off after hours and notebook devices are switched off or placed in suspend mode 50 percent of the time after hours, and of these, 50 percent are unplugged after hours.

In the unplugged scenario, all PC devices are unplugged when not in use after hours.

The annual cost savings associated with a well-managed environment versus an unmanaged one is $43,300. This assumes that all power is paid for by the organization. Excluding the power consumed when mobile PCs are used off the organization’s premises, the annual cost saving is calculated to be $27,500 (P1,375,000).

Now that’s what I call savings without compromising quality. God Bless us all!


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