Anywhere IT to Drive $4 Trillion Worldwide Market by 2016

Look at the latest gadgets nowadays, almost all comes with internet connectivity. Phones with net functionalities (smartphones), computers with SIM cards for mobile internet access, digital cameras with Wi-Fi functions, watches with 3G connectivity, and even printers with Wi-Fi and wireless capabilities are being introduced left and right. For what?

Because the trend is really going towards having a mobile workforce especially with cost-cutting measures being done by companies nowadays. Being able to work from anywhere will be the focus of many enterprise.

So if we are going to be accessing the web from anywhere, and the workers can work from anywhere, then we are going to have and Anywhere economyg and Anywhere IT. What is Anywhere IT?

Yankee Group published two new Framework Reports that reveal that the information communications and technology (ICT) marketplace is on the verge of its most significant transformation yet and is poised to hit the $4 trillion mark worldwide by 2016.

This transformation is about the shift of IT complexity into the network cloud, making it possible for the corporate experience to more closely reflect the consumer experience. Yankee Group predicts that Anywhere IT will change the way people work, give a competitive edge to early adopters of Anywhere technologies and dramatically reshape the enterprise vendor landscape. Even amidst the current economic turmoil, Yankee Group analysts advise organizations to begin exploiting Anywhere IT now or risk losing a competitive edge.

“Each wave of technology change has challenged enterprise IT to master newer, cheaper and faster hardware, software and networks to improve efficiency and support business innovation,” said Zeus Kerravala, Yankee Group senior vice president and author of the new report, “Introducing Anywhere IT.”

“While this rapid change has improved systems and processes, it has also increased the complexity of the IT environment. Anywhere IT will transform how enterprises operate, creating a more consumer-like experience for the worker. It will enable the user to work from any location on any device, with the best possible experience that the device and network allow.”

Anywhere IT moves complexity into the cloud and expands IT into non-traditional areas. This shift will enable corporations to connect everything in the workplace — conventional connected devices such as laptops and PCs, but also non-traditional devices like employee ID badges, factory equipment and other vertically specific equipment.

Simplified and automated communications to exponentially more devices will cut costs by two orders of magnitude, creating a market that is twice as large and extends to ten times the number of endpoints. This will drive dramatic growth of the information communications and technology marketplace from $2.2 trillion worldwide today to $4 trillion in just seven years.


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