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Philippines ranked 85th among world’s most networked economies

Internet cafes are all over the country nowadays. Schools and universities are heavily investing in their I.T. infrastructure. Mobile handsets are permanent fixtures to every Filipinos. Coffee shops Customers with notebooks on their table. You will also see people walking around with their MP3 headsets on their ears. Teens playing with their PSP and Nintendo DS.

Given all the technology gadgets around us. One would think that the Philippines is one tech-savvy country. We better think again because according to a recent World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report 2009, the Philippines is only ranked 85.
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Why Tiger Woods is world’s best

World number one golfer Tiger Woods wins his sixth Arnold Palmer Invitatonal by one point against fellow American Sean O’Hair. So why is Tiger the world’s best golfer? Let his game speak for itself:

From Cybersex to “SEXTING”

There are people who uses the internet to have sex with people they chat with, this is called Cybersex. With the advancement of technology, aside from text, people can have cybersex with audio and video making it more real so to speak.

But there’s a new craze nowaday, and this is called “Sexting”, having sex with the use of mobile devices like the mobile phone.
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Innovate Today to Succeed Tomorrow

Innovate Today to Succeed Tomorrow
by: Jerry Liao

Companies worldwide are looking for that magic pill on how to survive this so-called economic slowdown. They have tried everything like cost-cutting measures, retrenchments, discounts, and being conservative in their projections. Some even went to the extreme of closing down their business.

Sometimes, the answer is just around the corner. You don’t have to look far to find the answer. Sometimes what is required is for companies to go back to basics and do it well. As in put their focus and concentrate on their basic and core competence. For today’s small business to succeed tomorrow, the ability to innovate will be more than something nice to have, it will be a necessity.
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Print is Dead. Says Who?

Print is Dead. Says Who?
by: Jerry Liao

Reports that print is dead or will soon die can be found all over. Publishers who uses the digital mediums are riding on these studies for obvious reasons – to justify their existence and to some extent, to convince advertisers that their medium is the present and future medium of choice.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made the bold claim that print will be extinct within the next 10 years. Ballmer said magazines, newspapers and all media will no longer exist in physical form as we know it, and will only be delivered via IP networks. Ballmer claims that both producers and consumers crave the interaction that only networked communications can supply.
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SMS Marketing in Tough Times

Almost all companies are looking for ways on how to increase or maintain their sales performance this year. The current Philippine economic situation is worsen by external factors rather than internal or local factors. Just to prove that indeed globalization is at work.

Some of the companies I know has given up or at lessen their TV ads because of cost concers, online ads because of its unreliable statistics and unproven effectivity. They are turning to more focussed mediums like magazines, events and SMS or texting.

SMS marketing is proving just the tool for shrewd businesses look for innovative new media strategies to keep themselves ahead of the game during the economic downturn.
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Social networks now more popular than email

Since the introduction of the internet, email has always been the most popular activity of net users. For a good reason of course, it is so easy to communicate with your clients, friends and love ones via email. It’s so convinient and very affordable.

Technology is one thing that is immune to changes. Innovation is synonymous to technology. Email is still popular but currently “Member communities” which includes both social networks and blogs, has become the fourth most popular online category – ahead of personal email.
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Healthy growth for smart phones in 2009 despite mobile meltdown

Mobile technology is becoming the most desirable means of communication, and in business smart phones are the device of choice not only for executives but even for mobile workers.

With the economic slowdown, company owners are exerting all efforts and means to keep their business afloat while employees are doing everything to keep their jobs. Businesses are turning to technology to make their business more efficient. Workers on the other hand are turning to technology particularly smart phones to keep in touch and correspond with their clients.
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