Global Trends in Online Marketing and Merchandising For 2009

Most if not all businesses has embrace the internet as part of their business strategy. Be it just for web presence or e-commerce, a business without a web component is considered incomplete in this age in time.

With the emergence of social media, wikis, blogs and other web technologies, companies are forced to adopt most of this technology for the simple reason that most of the markets are into it as well. Knowing the activities of this new social medium will definitely be a challenge.

Adobe Systems Incorporated recently published results of its annual Adobe® Scene7® survey detailing how Web commerce businesses are building out their online customer experiences in 2009. This year’s results show companies focusing their online investments in the delivery of new rich media and merchandising features, as well as social networking, mobile, and personalization applications.

This is the third annual Scene7 survey and it was run in conjunction with industry trade associations and publications in the online marketing community around the world.

“Web marketing continues to be an area of investment and innovation because in challenging economic times it can deliver high-impact marketing programs that can be easily and immediately measured,” said Doug Mack, vice president of consumer and hosted solutions at Adobe. “Over 90 percent of our survey’s respondents are planning to invest in new rich media and social networking technologies to ensure their brands and products stand out on the Web.”

Overall, the top features that are planned for deployment in 2009 are: blogs (32 percent); user ratings, rankings, comments (31 percent); 360-degree spin (29 percent); catalogs & circulars (28 percent); podcasts or live video feed (28 percent); product comparisons (27 percent); and videos (27 percent).

Respondents indicated that increased clicks, usage and conversion rates remain the top metrics used for measuring effectiveness of deployed features. This, together with revenues and order size metrics, is used for measuring effectiveness of online marketing efforts.

The Adobe Scene7 2009 Online Customer Experience – The Next Generation Survey received 474 responses from brand-name retailers, as well as agencies, media, manufacturers, and high-tech companies worldwide that sell a variety of products and services online. Retailers were the highest to respond, representing over 22 percent of total respondents.

North American respondents had a slightly higher representation from the consumer product manufacturing and high-technology sectors while the EMEA respondents had higher representation from the media and agency industries.


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