IT professionals optimistic and unfazed by recession

When the markets are disrupted the effect shows, unemployment is the greatest dread of any man. When there are recessions the employees feel the winds of change first as they are vulnerable. They know they will be laid off the jobs. Staff in the office faces retention as now the work load is divided between only the most necessary employees. The ones left can also forget about the raise in salaries and also work hard.

Given these realities, what should we do? Should we feel negative about the situation and lose confidence? I think it should be other way around. Workers need to be optimistic.

A recent survey conducted by service management company Sunrise Software revealed that the vast majority of IT professionals are displaying a positive attitude in the face of the increased uncertainty brought about by the recession.

The research, which targeted private and public sectors, showed that 40% of IT managers and staff are resolutely optimistic and won’t give in to the ambient negativism. 20% said that they were not letting it affect them at all, and 33.5% said that, although they felt the pressure on them had increased, they were able to take this in their stride. Only 6.5% said they were losing sleep over the increased uncertainty.

If attitudes remained upbeat, the challenges facing IT were clearly laid out: 31% of those questioned had seen redundancies in their IT department, and just under half (47%) had made budget cuts.

So what kind of action are IT professionals taking to deal with the situation? 69% say they are working smarter in order to do more with less – and outlined different ways in which they were achieving this – among them:

– Using technology to increase automation (65%)

– Focusing more on educating their customers (51%)

– Implementing ITIL based processes to save costs (38%), ahead of outsourcing which only 28% selected as an effective method of saving costs.

Sunrise Chairman Tom Weston commented: “It’s encouraging to see that IT is setting an example in level-headedness. The danger with the current doom and gloom is that people can be made to feel powerless, but there’s a lot that can be said for remaining positive and taking proactive steps to improve your business.”


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