iPhone 3G – Globe Exclusive No More

It was August 22, 2008 when Globe Telecom launched the iPhone 3G here in the Phlippines, the phone that took the world by storm. We (Manila Bulletin) were the first to broke the news that the iPhone 3G will be available here in the Philippines on August 22, 2008, and we were one of the first to feature the iPhone 3G – both the 8GB and the 16GB.

Globe got the iPhone 3G exclusivity through its partnership with SingTel. Unfortunately, that exclusivity has come to an end, the iPhone 3G is now available at Power Mac Center (PMC).

Just last week, I visited the Power Mac Center branch at the SM North Cyberzone to look at some of the new iPods when I chanced upon a device which I thought was an iPod Touch. A PMC representative told me that it was an iPhone 3G. Knowing that the iPhone 3G is distributed here in the Philippines exclusively by Globe, I asked the PMC representative again if PMC is now selling iPhone 3G? The answer was a resounding Yes.

The PMC representative told me that they have both the 8GB and 16GB models available. That for every purchase of an iPhone 3G, the customer will be entitled to an hour free training and free synchronization. That’s just for starters, PMC is also offering a six months zero interest installment plan and customers will also be entitled to certain discounts on purchase of accessories.

The hardware warranty will still be handled by Globe even if it was bought from PMC, perhaps due to the arrangement of Singtel and Apple. But the software warranty will be handled by PMC.

In every purchase of any digital appliance, I always say that next to features, budget and preference, warranty is the most important consideration in choosing your digital equipment. And since the iPhone 3G warranty is global, I will be more concern about the software. For OS upgrade perhaps, synchronization, software installation, and others. In other words, I would appreciate it if my vendor will guide me on how to use my iPhone 3G or other gadgets for that matter everytime I encounter some problems. That is why the PMC software warranty is a big welcome for me.

Another advantage that I can see with PMC is when you visit their shop, you can see Apple all over, and the iPhone 3G is an Apple product. So in terms of expertise, you can be assured that PMC has the expertise. I am not saying that Globe don’t have the iPhone 3G expertise but we have to understand that Globe is not into hardware nor software selling. Globe is a telecommunication company that provides communication and connectivity.

This new development will change the landscape of iPhone 3G here in the Philippines. Consumers are now given the option to choose which has the better offer between PMC and Globe. Who has the better service, who has the better understanding of their customer needs.

The iPhone 3G is an iPhone 3G whether you buy it from PMC or Globe. The one thing that will separate the two is customer satisfaction. Who will better attend to its customer’s needs will emerge as the victor – and competition is always good for the consumers.

The iPhone 3G will initially be available at PowerMac Center Megamall, SM North Cyberzone and Greenbelt branches.

God Bless us all!


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