OVI Store opens for business

The much awaited marketplace of Nokia is finally here – Ovi Store by Nokia is available globally to an estimated 50 million Nokia device owners across more than 50 Nokia devices including the forthcoming flagship device, the Nokia N97. Customers can visit store.ovi.com through their Nokia device browser to immediately begin downloading, personalizing and making their devices smarter and more fun with applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, web and location-based services and much more.

In available countries, customers can update their devices with the Ovi Store mobile application by selecting the Ovi Store icon in the Download! folder on their device. The mobile client is available in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish and supports operator billing in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. Globally, credit card billing is available through the mobile application and the mobile website. Additional countries, languages, devices and features will be added throughout the year.

Just like any other offering, the Ovi store is having some technical difficulties. Many users have left comments on the Ovi Store blog, expressing their disappointment because the website was too slow and they could not install applications on their mobile phone. Nokia acknowledged the problem and has issued their apology. Perhaps Nokia underestimated the traffic that OVI Store would generate once it becomes public. To solve the issue, Nokia has added additional servers to handle the extra load.

Unfortunately, I heard that OVI Store will not be actively promoted by Nokia here in the Philippines due to some legal contraints. My sources told me that it has something to do with existing laws, wherein taxes will be imposed to transactions made through OVI Store. Honestly, I don’t know how these taxes can be implemented since transactions are made online.

Ovi Store is an evolving media service that consolidates Nokia’s existing content services into a one-stop-shop for free and paid content. Thousands of the content industry’s biggest names along with independent application developers are distributing their media, applications and games through Ovi Store. Content providers and application developers can continue to sign up to distribute their content through Ovi Store by visiting publish.ovi.com.


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