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Michael Jackson’s Death Rocks the Web

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, the man who revolutionized music, especially music videos, and a world icon, passed away on June 25th 2009 at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest. The news of his death sends shockwaves across the real world and cyberspace.

Media giants CNN, FoxNews, Bloomberg and the rest of media world provided an extensive coverage of his sudden demise.

In cyberspace, the news of Michael’s death sets the internet on fire, to the extent that Google reacted that it was under a hack attack due to huge jump in search queries.
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PC Shipments Showing Signs of Recovery

What do you know, there really is light at the end of every tunnel. After painting a gloomy picture for the PC industry, research group Gartner revised its forecast and reported that the personal computer market is expected to grow in the fourth quarter

According to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc, worldwide PC shipments are on pace to reach 274 million units in 2009, a 6 percent decline from 2008 shipments of 292 million. Gartner now expects the PC market to post positive growth in the fourth quarter of 2009, setting the stage for a healthy market recovery in 2010 with units forecast to grow 10.3 percent.
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Survey shows Teens Use Mobile Phones to Cheat

Technology has brought a lot of benefits to mankind. It made most of us more effective and efficient both in our professional and personal tasks. But as much as their are a lot of advantages , there are still those who are more innovative than others – like using technology in some other ways, the bad ways.

Common Sense Media in San Francisco USA recently released the results of a national poll on the use of digital media for cheating in school. The poll, conducted by The Benenson Strategy Group, revealed that more than 35% of teens admit to cheating with cell phones, and more than half admit to using the Internet to cheat. More importantly, many students don’t consider their actions to be cheating at all. The results highlight a real need for parents, educators, and leaders to start a national discussion on digital ethics.
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The Solution – the vanishing and expiring mobile credits

Just recently, the Senate of the Philippines conducted a hearing to determine what is causing the sudden disappearance of mobile credits plus an inquiry as to why mobile loads comes with an expiration date.

Representatives from Globe Telecoms, Smart Communications Inc., and Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. (Sun Cellular) attended the inquiry. So we already know the problem, let us talk about the solution. Let us talk about the disappearing mobile credits first:

There are only two possible reasons why its happening – wrong billing and unauthorize deduction of mobile credits. Wrong billing and delayed billing are problems of telecommunication companies. They should upgrade their billing system and make it real time. Real time meaning as soon as the credits are used, it should be deducted right away to avoid misunderstanding of charges.
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Asia-based Companies Prioritize Customer Care To Get Through Downturn

In this economic slowdown, companies may resort to cost-cutting and manpower reduction, but they continue to invest in one area of their business – and that is retaining their customers. Customer satisfaction cannot take a backseat regardless of what economic condition we are in.

Customer care involves putting systems in place to maximize your customers’ satisfaction with your business. It should be a prime consideration for every business – your sales and profitability depends on keeping your customers happy. Happy customers more often than not means business to a company.

But during tough times, customer service actually goes a notch higher.
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PR 2.0 – A New Communication Landscape

With the fast-changing media landscape of today, a lot of things are playing catch up especially public relation. The imperfections of the old PR and the emergence of the new PR 2.0 makes it more challenging for PR companies to compete and do their jobs well.

PR 2.0 uses social media elements such as blogging, viral marketing, social networking and search engine optimization (SEO) to get the message out in meaningful ways. It blends traditional and new media relations to reach journalists as well as consumers.
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Businesses must become increasingly tech savvy to survive

By now, most of the companies have exhausted all efforts to implement cost-cutting measures to survive this ongoing economic downturn. Various approaches such as open innovation are offering better ways for organizations to adapt to the downturn, cutting costs while also exploiting the untapped creativity and knowledge of employees, customers, and partners.

They say technology is the saving grace for most companies to survice this crisis. I say not the technology but how a company implements technology can definitely help. Atos Origin, an international IT services company in its Lookout second edition report said that companies need to make information more easily accessible and allow contribution of viewpoints via different channels including social networks and blogs. Perhaps more importantly, they need to demonstrate that they want to build genuine relationship with their customers by listening and acting on the information shared with them.
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PR 2.0 – The Next Wave of Public Relation

What is this I heard that a company recently is looking for a new public relation (PR) company to work with them. To the dismay of this company, most of those who participated in the bidding process are ill equipped with what public relation is really all about. Worst, this company even informed me that these PR companies are charging an arm and a leg – the highest is one million pesos a month for PR fee. Crazy really.

Public relation as we know it is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics. Here in the Philippines, PR companies are tasks to deal with the media and for crisis management if in case a crisis does happen. To me, PR should help an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other, media included. The other functions of PR should include research, planning, communications dialogue and evaluation.
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