PR 2.0 – A New Communication Landscape

With the fast-changing media landscape of today, a lot of things are playing catch up especially public relation. The imperfections of the old PR and the emergence of the new PR 2.0 makes it more challenging for PR companies to compete and do their jobs well.

PR 2.0 uses social media elements such as blogging, viral marketing, social networking and search engine optimization (SEO) to get the message out in meaningful ways. It blends traditional and new media relations to reach journalists as well as consumers.

How many of our PR companies now are into RSS, blog, meme, tagging, podcasting, Wiki, social networking, social bookmarking and other new technologies out there? I won’t be surprised if some of them don’t even know the definition of these terms. Why? because there are some who are so complacent and arrogant about what they have right now thinking that it will last them a lifetime. Companies should shy away from these PR firms because failure is written all over them.

The inclusion of new media tools in traditional media services proves that PR companies should become more familiar with these tools and how they can boost press release distribution and publication beyond the usual tools.

Things you need to have in a press release for PR 2.0:
– Must be highly searchable by the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo
– Increase “findability” in popular search engines
– Incorporate keywords, popular acronyms and jargon
– Use a writing style that reflects how people are speaking about your subject
– Reach old and new media directly – and your client’s end-users

PR 2.0 means evolving, adapting and embracing new challenges through self-education and building good relationship and communication among all players – client, media and public. PR firms should combine the beauty of PR 1.0 which is building relationships and the beauty of PR 2.0 which is communication into one. Miss one of these two traits and you have no business being in PR.

How do you detect a poor PR firm in this changing times? Here are some guidelines

– If you find a PR website that contains nothing except information about their own company, chances are you are working with the wrong PR. It’s a marketing website to get more business. They are here for the money and money alone.

– PR firms that sends press releases via email and then no follow-ups. They will send invites then no follow-ups. They don’t understand what the press release is all about and they don’t care if the media arrives or not.

– PR firms who are arrogant not only to media but to client as well. The know it all and controlling type. A high and mighty attitude is a great disguise to an incompetent and a birdbrain PR firm. It’s really hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

– PR firms that plays favorites to protect their own interest, not for clients. PR firms should be fair and should always side with the truth. Better yet, stay neutral always. Those who practice unfair and stupid practices is a disgrace to the PR world as a whole. Disgusting really.

– PR firms who think their job starts and ends with their clients are more often disrespectful to media and the public. The worst PR you can meet in the industry. Not only are they ineffective, they will even drag their clients down.

The changing landscape of PR is truly an exciting time to be in PR. Those who stay abreast of the changes and adapt to the evolving climate will thrive. Those who cannot and wants to hang on to their old ways will be out of business in no time. It doesn’t mean that just because you’re in PR for a long time, you will stay in business forever. Better shape-up or pack-up is what they all say.


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