Michael Jackson’s Death Rocks the Web

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, the man who revolutionized music, especially music videos, and a world icon, passed away on June 25th 2009 at the age of 50 due to cardiac arrest. The news of his death sends shockwaves across the real world and cyberspace.

Media giants CNN, FoxNews, Bloomberg and the rest of media world provided an extensive coverage of his sudden demise.

In cyberspace, the news of Michael’s death sets the internet on fire, to the extent that Google reacted that it was under a hack attack due to huge jump in search queries.

Other online development after Michael’s death:

– Michael held seven of the top 10 album downloads on Apple’s iTunes store

– CD and MP3 sales increased 322 times overnight

– AT&T witnesses the biggest spike of SMS message reaching nearly 65,000 texts per second were sent as fans reached out to each other to share the sad news

– On Twitter, five of the top 10 search terms were related to Jackson. Twitter engineers had to scramble to keep the service up and running

– About 40 percent of the top Google search terms had to do with Jackson

– YouTube dedicated an entire section to the Gloved One

– Facebook Michael Jackson tribute page drew more than 900,000 fans

– Yahoo! News generated 16.4 million unique visitors in a day

– News sites of LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle and TMZ.com all experienced outages

– AOL Instant Messenger service was knocked out of commission for about 40 minutes

– In Amazon.com’s CD section, the top 15 sellers were by Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5

If you’re shocked about this online development, don’t be. Michael started his career when he was just four years old. And he has been doing the same thing for the past 46 years – entertaining fans all over the world.

From his ABC song, Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean, to Dangerous, Bad, and more, young and old knew who Michael Jackson was. I am sure one way or the other, people have listen and dance to his songs. In other words, most of us grew up with his songs. Remember the Christmas song that we used to sing during our school days – Give Love on Christmas Day.

But as they say, all good things come to an end. If there’s any lesson we can get from these tragic passing away of stars, it is that no matter how rich you are, no matter how popular you are, you cannot take any of these into your next life. So do not build your riches here on Earth, but start building your riches in heaven.

Thank you for the music, Michael. May you rest in peace. God Bless us all!


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