Consumers becomes the center of all Security Threats

The more innovative we get, the more crafty the threats have become. Consumers, be it corporate or personal have invested a sizeable amount of money to protect their systems – and yet we keep on hearing news about compromised systems or new threats emerging day by day.

So what are the challenges surrounding security especially now that we are into the Web 2.0 computing space?

New research from IDC shows that investments in security continue to be a priority for companies and organizations. A survey recently carried out in the region revealed that 4 out of 10 companies expect to invest more in security moving forward — more than for most other IT investment areas.

Research also documents the three key challenges in the security area:

1) YouTwitFace!
Social networking sites, such as Facebook, which were once considered to be only consumer applications, are quickly moving into the enterprise environment. Many organizations are struggling with allowing their employees to use Web 2.0 tools responsibly without sacrificing security and regulatory compliance requirements. These environments have created both a risk of data leaks and new channels for malware.

Organizations need to balance the business value of Web 2.0 technologies with the risks and security implications of many non-secure and uncontrolled Web 2.0 environments. The advances in Web 2.0 technologies require a new generation of Web security tools that go well beyond traditional URL filtering.

2) You are on the move!
Compliance with industry regulations, such as SOX and HIPAA, is still a key driver for the adoption of mobile security software, particularly solutions centered around information protection and control (IPC), vulnerability management, and secure access to corporate networks from mobile devices. IDC expects this trend to accelerate in the wake of the lack of transparency that led to the current financial conditions.

IDC has seen a growing trend among businesses to allow users (beginning at the executive level) to select the make and model of their choice when buying a business-critical device — laptop or converged mobile device (CMD). The iPhone is a prime example. The proliferation of consumer devices housing or accessing corporate data is a cause for concern among those responsible for complying with regulatory statutes and securing sensitive corporate data.

3) You!
However, companies are in little doubt what the top and foremost challenge is when it comes to security: user awareness and behavior. 42% of companies surveyed believe that this is a key challenge now and in the future — a share significantly higher than any other security threat out there.

And the “threat” is real, according to users. An amazing 81% of companies have had security issues because of user behavior, and within this group, every third company reports having had “significant experiences” with security breaches because of user behavior.


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