MFPs Continue to Lead the Way in the Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Market

Multifunction peripheral (MFP), devices that performs a variety of functions that would otherwise be carried out by separate peripheral devices are all over. Companies who are in this field are coming out with new products that are not only efficient and environmental friendly but cost efficient as well.

A recent study made by IDC indicated that in the current economic environment, vendors are focusing on offering cost cutting and/or productivity enhancements to customer’s existing document infrastructure as well as driving managed print services.

Technology Highlights
– The inkjet market continues to be the dominant technology segment with 16.6 mllion units shipped in 2Q09. The color inkjet MFP segment showed the second highest growth rate among all technology segments behind color laser MFPs with –13% year-over-year growth.

– The monochrome laser market remains the largest technology segment in terms of value at $4.2 billion and has the largest potential regarding MFP opportunity. This segment has the lowest rate of MFP penetration of all major non-impact segments.

– Color laser penetration continues to increase, driven up by the market performance of the global color laser MFP market. Although, it had a negative growth rate this quarter, this segment continues to outperform the overall hardcopy peripherals market.

Vendor highlights

HP – Despite losing nearly 4 points in unit market share and declining 28% year over year in 2Q09, HP continues to be the undisputed leader in printing with twice the market share of its nearest competitor in the worldwide hardcopy peripheral market in terms of shipments. As with most vendors, HP’s 2Q09 laser shipments were streamlined to correspond to the challenging market conditions, resulting in an one-point loss in the total laser market share.

Canon – Canon, the second leading vendor, outperformed all others in the top 5 category, increasing its stake in the overall hardcopy market to 20% in 2Q09 from 17% in 1Q09. On a worldwide level, Canon’s shipments declined 8% compared to the other vendors in the top 5, whose unit shipment growth ranged from –13% to –32%. Canon was the only vendor in the top 5 that showed positive sequential growth (5%), an impressive climb from a –25% quarter-over-quarter loss in 1Q09.

Epson – Epson retained its third place rank in the total hardcopy market as well as in the worldwide inkjet segment in 2Q09. Epson was the second best performer among the top 5 in the overall market, with –13% year-over-year growth compared to the market average of –21%. Epson gained 1 point in total market share.

Brother – Brother remained the distant fourth vendor, gaining 1 point in total market share to 6% in 2Q209. Among the top 5, Brother’s overall performance in the second quarter was average, achieving a better year-over-year result than HP and Lexmark, while falling behind Canon and Epson. On a worldwide level, Brother’s inkjet and laser segment suffered a bigger year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter loss in 2Q09, with numbers ranging from –18% to –32% compared to +6% to –11% in 1Q09.

Lexmark – Lexmark maintained its 5% share and position as the fifth largest vendor in the overall hardcopy market, with 1.1 million units shipped in 2Q09. Lexmark’s 2Q09 total laser shipment showed a slower year-over-year decline in 2Q09, down 13% versus 18% in 1Q09. True to its mission, Lexmark continues to focus on laser while exiting the lower end inkjet segment. In 2Q09, laser shipments accounted for 29% (up from 21% in 1Q09) and inkjet 70% (down from 78%) of all Lexmark-branded devices.


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