2009 – The Year of Surprises

No, this is not my year-end report still. Let us say this is simply a prelude to my actual year-ender article. But I would just like to emphasize that the year 2009 is a year full of surprises in terms of the changing of the guards for the companies.

The biggest of course is the announcement of HP Philippines, David Tan leaving his position as managing director, in his place is Ryan Guadalquiver, another big surprise. Guadalquiver is Oracle Philippines managing director before he decided to move to HP. We got hold of the story ahead of the rest (this is contrary to the claim of others that they were the first).

To prove our point, we were the only one to report that Ms. Mina Lim will act as managing director of Oracle Philippines, Mr. Deon Del Mundo will be their new country manager for technology and Mr. Edler Panlilio will be the country manager for applications. That’s what we call complete reporting from start to end. Some even called HP asking why we got hold of the story first. A funny phone call really.

Aside from the David – Ryan development, we were the first (if not the only one) who reported about the resignation of Cedric Chang of Asus Philippines, he will be replaced by Mr. Stanley Chen. Teddy Sumulong moving to Technopaq Inc., Sonny Halili moving to SAS Pacific region, NetApp Neil Ocampo heading RSA Philippines, Luichi Robles being the new country sales manager of Symantec Philippines, Philippe Reveilhac replacing Pascal Bodin as head of APC.

There’s more – Nilo Cruz leaving his post at BT Philippines (we also know where he is right now), Rafael “Pepeng” Rollan stepping down as Microsoft MD, Jino Alvarez joining S1 Technologies, and the appointment of Tep Misa as Cisco’s country manager.

Some people in media are wondering where and how this writer is able to get all these information ahead of them? For me not to get the news, some even went to the extent of calling companies asking them not to invite me to their events. Some resort to name calling – they say I am a businessman and not a journalist. Businessman or journalist, I really don’t mind. You can have your so-called “titles”, I have my juicy stories anyway, the trust of the industry and my readers. The worst trait a person could have is being lazy and a lier at the same time, and yet is convinced that he/she is good at his/her job.

But just to share with you my secret why I am able to get these stories ahead of the rest, its really very simple – the industry trust me and they are my friends. My breaking stories proves my claim. You can go around and tell fabricated stories about me and my editor, but hey – who are you fooling? The industry is not stupid not to know what is the truth and who’s telling the truth.

Anyway, I have another breaking story for all of you – early December, there will be another CEO who will be stepping down. We already know the name of the new CEO- the new CEO’s initial – A.C. I will reveal it first week of December as per the request of this CEO. Go find the story.


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