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E-book readers no digital newspaper replacement

Now that Apple has introduced its much publicized Tablet device called iPAD. People can’t stop thinking what the future holds for books and newspapers, will e-Book readers be the nail to the coffin for books and newspapers? A recent research conducted by Professors of advertising Dean Krugman and Tom Reichert, and Barry Hollande says otherwise.

Portable e-readers such as the Kindle are unlikely to win readers back to the newspaper habit unless they include features such color, photographs and touch screens, according to research conducted at the University of Georgia.

Young adults in particular compared the Kindle DX used in the study unfavorably to smart phones, such as the iPhone or Blackberry.
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I always believe that it only takes one great idea for us to make it big in this lifetime.

Delivery service is not new, as a matter of fact its been here for a long time. Delivering items straight to the client’s doorstep is one great service that undoubtly increases the sales of any business. But simple as it may sound, delivery services requires a lot of attention. You don’t just deliver the item, you have to make sure that the item arrives on time, in good condition – delivering the product as if you own it.

That is why when I heard about this new service called, I said to myself – Is this another ordinary My quick answer is NO.
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Study finds SMB Accelerating Windows 7 Adoption Plans

2010 promises to be an exciting year for Microsoft. We can all expect Microsoft to introduce a lot of new products and innovations – one of which is Office 14 or Office 2010. Microsoft will also be integrating the cloud into most if not all of their products. But before we even go that far, let us examine the performance of their latest operating system – Windows 7. How is Windows 7 performing specially in the small and medium business(SMB) space.

According to a new report by Spiceworks, Inc., small and medium businesses are accelerating plans to migrate to Windows 7 following the operating system’s October 22, 2009 launch, This and other findings were uncovered in a global survey of over 1,500 IT professionals. The survey was designed to investigate adoption sentiment among small and medium businesses (SMBs) before and after the official Windows 7 debut.
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Global Study Reveals Increased Use of Consumer-Based Social Networking Tools in the Enterprise

The popularity of social networking is unquestionable, but whether social networking is an effective tool to business is still debatable. There are companies who actually block Facebook and/or Twitter for a number of reasons like security issues and time wasters. And of course, there are also companies who uses social networking sites for communication and for marketing their services.

Cisco released the results of a third-party global study designed to assess how organizations use consumer social networking tools to collaborate externally, revealing the need for stronger governance and IT involvement. The research is the first of a two-part series that Cisco has commissioned to explore the impact of social networking and collaboration applications in the enterprise.
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Facebook and McAfee Partner to Make the Internet More Secure

If you’re one of the world’s most popular web destination, chances are you will also be the site that has the highest threat percentage. Currently, Facebook is considered one of the most popular social networking sites with almost 400 million users worldwide. A number which if converted to the real world, has more population than some countries.

As the treat increases, the commitment of Facebook to secure its users also increases. That is why McAfee, Inc. and Facebook announced an unprecedented collaboration that will provide additional security protection to a significant portion of the Internet population.
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Why Google Needs Nexus One?

Google recently launched their very first branded phone called “Google Nexus One”, a phone powered by the company’s own Android OS version 2.1. Before we go any further, let us take a look at what Nexus One has to offer:

Nexus One Hardware Features:
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Philippine goverment websites defaced – How do you prevent them?

Last week, we saw four websites of Philippine government agencies defaced by crackers. The sites of the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC), and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) were all defaced.

Defacing websites is not new, it happens everyday. But its a big story when government websites are defaced. Why? Because its a government website. One would expect a government to protect its territory – be it online or in the real world.
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What’s NOT Going to Happen in Technology Markets in 2010?

Readers are so used to reading technology trends everytime the year starts. For a change, let us turn the table around, this time we will share with you a recent ABI Research white paper titled “What’s Not Going to Happen in 2010.”

A dozen of ABI Research’s experts have put their heads together to debunk some of the most-hyped predictions about what will happen in tech-related industries around the world. They cover a wide terrain including mobile devices and applications, femtocells, mobile financial services, online video and pay-TV, social networking, data security, Wi-Fi, telepresence, navigation, telematics and location-based services, mobile networks, “green” technologies, and RFID.
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