What’s NOT Going to Happen in Technology Markets in 2010?

Readers are so used to reading technology trends everytime the year starts. For a change, let us turn the table around, this time we will share with you a recent ABI Research white paper titled “What’s Not Going to Happen in 2010.”

A dozen of ABI Research’s experts have put their heads together to debunk some of the most-hyped predictions about what will happen in tech-related industries around the world. They cover a wide terrain including mobile devices and applications, femtocells, mobile financial services, online video and pay-TV, social networking, data security, Wi-Fi, telepresence, navigation, telematics and location-based services, mobile networks, “green” technologies, and RFID.

With its mix of expert opinion, informed assessments and wry humor, “What’s Not Going to Happen in 2010” makes for a lively and informative read. Here’s ABI’s list of what’s NOT going to happen in 2010:

1. eReaders will NOT reach mass market appeal

2. There will be no iPhone killer, only an ever increasing herd of iPhone wannabes

3. Fake Chinese phones will NOT destroy the handset market

4. PCMCIA Cellular Data Card Modems will NOT make a comeback

5. Femtocells are NOT going to go away

6. Femtozone applications are NOT going invade living rooms with “femto app storefronts”

7. Mobile person-to-person payments will NOT gain mass market acceptance in the US

8. Internet Video is NOT going to create a mass exodus from pay-TV services

9. Most “free” premium online video won’t become pay-per-play

10. Social networking will NOT go though the year unscathed by security breakdowns

11. Higher Education will NOT relinquish its leadership in early adoption of 802.11n

12. Telepresence will NOT become mainstream

13. All turn-by-turn handset-based navigation will NOT become free

14. Carriers will NOT be sidelined by off-deck llocation-based services platforms

15. Consumer telematics will NOT reach mass market status

16. HP will not swallow 3Com without serious indigestion

17. GSM will not die

18. Renewable Energy Base Stations will hardly see any deployments for on-grid sites — limiting their green potential

19. LTE will NOT be widely rolled out worldwide

20. But RFID will keep chugging along…


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