QuickDelivery.ph – Delivery with a Personal Touch

I always believe that it only takes one great idea for us to make it big in this lifetime.

Delivery service is not new, as a matter of fact its been here for a long time. Delivering items straight to the client’s doorstep is one great service that undoubtly increases the sales of any business. But simple as it may sound, delivery services requires a lot of attention. You don’t just deliver the item, you have to make sure that the item arrives on time, in good condition – delivering the product as if you own it.

That is why when I heard about this new service called QuickDelivery.ph, I said to myself – Is this another ordinary QuickDelivery.ph? My quick answer is NO.

QuickDelivery.ph in itself is a service designed to help service businesses with delivery requirements. What makes this service unique is it is a service in its own and it also provides service to other establishments. In other words, the success of QuickDelivery.ph will depend on the success of its partner establishments. A unique setup if you ask me.

How does it work? QuickDelivery.ph is a delivery service company that provides delivery service to any business that needs it. For example, if you have a restaurant and you want to offer delivery service for take-out orders, you don’t need to setup your own – all you need to do is to avail of QuickDelivery.ph service. All it takes is a simple registration and you’re all set to offer your delivery service courtesy of QuickDelivery.ph. Outsourcing your delivery service has never been this easy.


Ease of Use
– NO more messy folders full of delivery brochures and flyers. Quick Delivery organizes all your delivery menus in a single booklet or PDF download.
– ONLY one number to remember for all the restaurants in our network!
– Exact delivery time is provided to you for your convenience.

– Even after most delivery services stop offering delivery, Quick Delivery still delivers. 10AM to 12MN (for select establishments), seven days a week!
– A HUGE list of wines and spirits are also offered for delivery.

– All check-out pricing is the same as you would spend at the restaurant. The menu price is the menu price and the delivery charge takes the place of your service charge.

So far, QuickDelivery.ph has the following partners – Fish & Co. Greenbelt 3, Italianni’s Bonifacio High Street, Italianni’s Greenbelt 2, BYFD, Queens at Bollywood, Queens Crystal Garden Restaurant, Ralph’s Wines and Spirits, Sentro 1771 Greenbelt 3, Sentro 1771 Serendra, TGI Friday’s Bonifacio High Street, TGI Friday’s Glorietta 3, Whistlestop, and more.

QuickDelivery.ph not only provide delivery service, but it also offers backend services like call center to take orders and client feedback.

To add more value to its offering, QuickDelivery.ph also offer its own ordering service to all its partners so that it would be a one stop shop order-taking delivery service. Customers only need to call 757-555 and the items that you ordered will be right at your doorstep in no time. Customers can view the menu and also order via online vising the website.

Considering the many clients of QuickDelivery.ph, how can they assure quality service and on time delivery? Simple – proper coordination and proper allocation of delivery agents which they call red riders – these are riders wearing black in red shoes. And to ensure that items like food are delivered fresh and hot, some of its motorcycles are even equipped with hot plates. So that food items are delivered quick and hot – its like dining-in at the comfort of your home.

The formula of success for QuickDelivery.ph is simple – Satisfied customers means happpy business partners which will result to good business for QuickDelivery.ph

This is one business where quality and commitment cannot be taken lightly. QuickDelivery.ph is committed to its partners to deliver quality service to its clients. For more information, simply visit http://www.quickdelivery.ph.


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