From iPad to iPlump

The recent announcement of Apple latest offering called the iPad drew mix reactions from Apple fans and non-fans alike. I have yet to hear someone saying that he / she is in total awe of the new device. The common reactions are it’s overhyped and that they are expecting more from Mr. Steve Jobs.

Before the launch, speculations of a future tablet device from Apple was so high that it was branded even as the future of computing.

According to a survey released by technology shopping site Retrevo, prior to the launch, 26% of respondents said they were not interested in buying an Apple tablet. After the announcement of the iPad, 52% said they weren’t interested.

Responses to a more direct question that was asked before and after the announcement further reinforced the bad news for Apple. When asked before the announcement if they thought they needed the tablet, 49% of respondents answered “no” with 30% saying they needed to know more about it before they could decide.

After the announcement the percentage of respondents indicating they needed more info had dropped by half but the overwhelming majority of those who felt they now had sufficient knowledge, decided they didn’t need a tablet. This raised the total number of respondents saying “no” to the iPad, after the announcement, to 61%.

Apple will be adding an extra $130 to the price for adding the optional 3G connectivity. This doesn’t appear to be a very popular option as more than half the respondents to the study, after the announcement, said they wouldn’t pay extra for 3G.

The only saving grace for Apple in relation to the iPad was that after the announcement, the word definitely got out as the number of respondents saying they had heard about the tablet rose from 48% shortly before the announcement to over 80% after the media frenzy on January 27th.

From these figures, one can say that the iPad, with or without 3G failed to capture the imagination for the consumers. It is simply an iPod Touch with a bigger screen. There were reports that the next generation iPad will sport a camera but will this be enough to alter the sentiments of the consuming public?

Another development that will definitely have an impact on the iPad is the impending releases of tablet PCs from PC manufacturers like HP, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo, Sony and more. All these companies will release their own versions of tablet PCs powered by Microsoft’s Windows 7. Price range will be around less than PhP 30,000.00. Now that is something to watch out for.

Apple is known for its innovative creations, but unfortunately the iPad cannot be included in the group – not yet at least. Unless Apple has something up its sleeves in the near future.


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