Small Businesses See Wireless Technology Important For Survival

I still remember the days when I used to do network installations, study and plan the location, determine the best location for the servers, the number of workstations, the distance – all taken into consideration to determine which topology is best for the said project.

Now, the wires are a thing of the past. Companies are adopting wireless technology for their network infrastructure. And why not, its easier, flexible and more convinient.

The question now is – is this just a fad? or is wireless technology really ready for prime time?

A study from AT&T has revealed that wireless technologies are increasingly being seen as crucial for the survival of today’s growing businesses. According to the survey, nearly two-thirds of businesses (65 percent) said it would be a major challenge to survive – or they could not survive at all – without wireless technology.

This number illustrates a rapid increase in the perceived importance of wireless technology. In a similar AT&T study from 2007, only 42 percent of businesses said it would be difficult to survive without it.

I am not surprised as to why wireless technology is gaining popularity in the corporate world especially to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Aside from the things I mentioned awhile ago, one of the main advantages of wireless technology is savings. You can access the changes in your business in a short period of time after installing the wireless network. There is no need to spend money on cables and other equipments. The cost of maintaining a wireless network is also less when compared to other network interfaces.

And if in case you plan to relocate or transfer office, having your wireless network / internet can easily be achieved – even within the day you moved in to your new office.

But of course, wireless technology also comes with its own challenges. And the biggest challenge of wireless technology is security. Protecting your wireless infrastructure is not as easy as setting it up. A lot of things should be considered. Wireless networks are easier for hackers to access because they can get into the signal.

But the advantages outweighs the disadvantage – wireless technology is the way to go. In the very near future, everything or most of our favorite gadgets will be wireless. It is starting to happen, look at our game controllers, future game consoles will be adopting motion sensor controls. And there will be a lot of innovations coming that will have wireless technology in it.

So what can I say? Just brace yourself for a wireless connected world. I am logging off. Stay cool and God Bless!



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