IntelliPen – When Every Word Matters

Have you ever been into a situation where you wrote the minutes of a meeting or simply taking down notes during a seminar, and suddenly you lost that paper of yours? If you’re a fast typist, instead of writing, you may want to type your notes in a computer. But what if your notes comes with some illustrations? Drawing with a computer using a mouse is not an easy task to do especially during a seminar or meeting. So what’s the best solution to address this problem?

Last week, I attended a press conference of Advance Solutions Inc. (ASI) showing an innovative way to record all your writings including illustrations, its called an “IntelliPen”. In a nutshell, an IntelliPen digitally records and stores everything you write, sketch or draw – wherever you are and on any surface.

Both students and teachers can enhance learning with IntelliPens. During formative learning years, IntelliPen is a wonderful tool that can assist with a child’s emerging writing skills, in addition to other e-learning applications. Children can combine online studying and learning with the traditional ink-on-paper. IntelliPens are great tools for parents too, allowing them to track and check a child’s homework and progress.

Teachers and schools use IntelliPens for any number of functions. Taking attendance, grading papers, writing progress reports all become more efficient with IntelliPen. Teachers can also IntelliPens in much the same way a chalkboard or smartboard is used. By beaming the onscreen view of a laptop equipped with an IntelliPen, teachers can screen and then save their lectures for future use and reference.

How does it work?

This technology is based on the transmission of ultrasonic acoustic waves between two or more devices via a Transmitter and a Receiver. The Transmitter, embedded within the IntelliPen, sends constant acoustic signals to the Receiver that in turn, uses them to measure the distance and position of the device. The Transmitter sends a unique ”whistle” (an ultrasonic signal with specific time and spectrum characteristics assigned to each device) to the Receiver, constantly informing it of its position. The Receiver ”hears” the whistle and uses the sound to estimate with pinpoint accuracy the timeframe it takes the acoustic wave to travel from the IntelliPen to the Receiver, by calculating time-of-flight (TOF).

Each IntelliPen Receiver is designed to “hear” up to 96 different wireless terminals, each ”whistling” its own individual signal, via two or more microphones embedded in the Receiver. The number of transducers and microphones used depends on the application, as does the number of ”degrees of freedom” (coordinates and angles in space) required for the wireless terminal. For example, for the simplest wireless input device (i.e. mouse/pen), only two coordinates (X, Y) of the pen tip are needed, therefore, only one transducer is required in the wireless terminal and two receiver microphones will suffice. Many transducers can be placed in one wireless terminal as many microphones can be added to the receiver.

What I like about this product is it writes in any paper, and any surface. I have seen other device like this but it comes with a special surface, like a special platform where your paper should be placed before your writings can be recognized and recorded. Once transferred to a computers, handwritten information can be transformed to text using standard handwriting recognition software, and notes and drawings can be edited and shared via email and messaging applications.

Whether you are a professional interested in ensuring you have captured every detail, a student taking notes for your next exam, a writer penning the next best seller or an artist creating a masterpiece, IntelliPen is the right digital writing tool for you. WIth the IntelliPen, you will never lose another important piece of information, idea or even phone number ever.


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