A Sneak Peek of the Future – Apple iPhone 4G

The mobile market got an exciting development just recently with the announcement of Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo. Very soon, the mobile world will be shaken again by the coming of the Apple iPhone 4G – the latest series of the iPhone offerings. So what is so special about 4G?

4G is an acronym for fourth-generation wireless, is a technology that will transform wireless communications in a completely new way. It is also known as “beyond 3G,” since it provides a comprehensive and secure IP (Internet Protocol) solution. Users will enjoy high quality streaming video and “anytime, anywhere” voice and data at a much higher speed than previous generations. 4G is expected to enable pervasive computing, in which simultaneous connections to multiple high-speed networks will provide seamless handoffs throughout a geographical area.

So what will the Apple iPhone 4G be? What features and functions will it have? Of course, until the device is release, nothing is certain yet. But here’s what analysts are saying:

The Apple iPad 4G will have 512 MB and the device would be all set to perform multiple tasks. The processing unit used will be Arm Cortex A8. The touch cum display screen is made by LG. It will be providing a resolution of 960 x 640, doubling what current iPhone displays is offering.

A good screen is very important for the Apple iPhone 4G since ebooks would be accessible on the handset. Hence, for better viewing a panels has been fitted in it the IPS (in-plane switching) panels with FFS (fringe-field switching) technology. FFS refers to the clarity of display. Even with sunlight, it will not hamper the good quality display. The panel is 33 % slimmer than the previous edition of the handset which could mean a much better battery life as well.

The Apple iPhone 4G carries a five megapixel camera that is guaranteed to give users incredibly good high resolution pictures and images. The touchscreen is a fast responsive TFT capacitive touchscreen that is 3.5 inches wide. The new iPhone has HD capabilities and has the option of using video chat which is basically face to face talking through your telephone. The design is also more sleek and stylish than ever.

Now video chat is not a new feature but its a feature that has been here for quite some time but is seldomly used. Why? Slow connection and it comes with a high connection price. But if 4G adoption will be prevalent here in the country combined with an unlimited use for a flat rate fee, I don’t see why this feature will not be embraced by the users.

Of course, this feature will be a turn-off to some since the one you’re speaking to will now know where you are (get what I mean?).

I am sure there will be a lot of surprises still. The question now is will the iPad 4G features be enough to surpass the promises of Android? And I would also love to see how Windows Mobile 7 fair with both iPhone OS and Android. The battle is really heating up, and TechNews will be there to bring you all these development.


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