Fast Forward with HP

I recently attended a press conference organized by Hewlett Packard (HP) Philippines where HP showcased their latest print offering. Aside from knowing that a sumptuous meal awaits me, I arrived with little expectations – HP will again introduce new printers and talk about their ink technology, printing speed, cost savings and other stuff that I have heard. Little did I know that I am going to witness a different kind of printing features and functionalities.

HP did introduce new printers – single, multi-function printers and scanners. But more than the products, what caught my eye are technologies that are simple but are very useful:

Plug and Print

Printers comes with installation CDs with it. For first time installation, we need to plug our printer to our PC or notebook and then install the drivers provided in the CD. What happens next? We normally misplace the installation CD because our printer is working properly. If in case we need to the drivers anew or if we bought a new PC and needs to install the printer again, the installation CD is nowhere to be found. Of course we can go online to look for the driver but wouldn’t it be more convinient if the driver is readily available anytime we need it? Like the driver is with the printer maybe?

HP introduces the new ”plug and print” technology that allows customers to begin printing in as little as two minutes by simply connecting a netbook, notebook or desktop PC to the printer with a USB cable – no CD required.

The technology is called “Smart Install”. HP Smart Install functionality will make installing a printer a simple and easy task. HP has made installation as easy as having to connect a USB cable to your computer. And then once connected, the printer will take care of the rest. The package still comes with a CD that contains other productivity application.

Auto On / Auto Off

After we print our documents, what do we normally do with our printer? We normally leave it “on” with or without any activity. HP now offers a new functionality that will help save energy cost. It’s called HP Auto-On technology and HP Auto-Off technology.

The new HP LaserJet Pro lineup features new HP Auto-On Technology, which intelligently senses activity – such as when a print job is sent to the printer – and awakens the device automatically from “off” mode. It complements HP Auto-Off Technology, which automatically adjusts the power settings and turns the printer off when there is no print activity.

With HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology, the new HP LaserJet P1100 Printer series can save up to 72 percent on energy costs versus its predecessor. The printers also use Original HP LaserJet print cartridges with energy-efficient toner for energy savings of up to 35 percent on every page versus earlier products.

HP’s first scanner for mobile professionals

I also saw a scanner that only weighs 1.4 pounds – the ultracompact, portable HP Scanjet Professional 1000 Mobile Scanner enables business customers to scan documents in the office, at client locations or in the field. Featuring HP Instant-on Scanning Technology to save energy, the scanner can quickly scan two-sided documents in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, from embossed cards to long forms, and save them in different file formats.

One of the great application of this new mobile scanner is when it was showed to me how the scanner can scan a business card and store the information automatically in my PC in text and image format. The beauty of this is it creates a database of your business cards and searching for your contacts is now a breeze.

This is what I call Innovation – creating new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society.


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