Digital Lifestyle in the eyes of Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom recently launched an information centric shop at Greenbelt 4 to bring digital lifestyle closer to the people. During the press conference, Mr. Ferdinand “Ferdz” Dela Cruz, Head of Consumer Sales and After Sales was describing how the shop looks like. You see, before we went to a tour to view the place, we were treated to a nice lunch first.

So during lunch, Ferdz was describing to us how the place looks like. So I have to use my imagination first before seeing the actual shop.

The new store design features a seamless, semicircular, 2-section layout which allows anyone to easily browse around the product display as well as request for after-sales support. The inner core is called the Shop Zone and highlights the digital lifestyle, be it Home Life, Mobile Life, or Business Life. All accessories are also properly organized on shelves beneath each category to make it convenient for the customers to dress up their gadgets.

The outer core or the Service Zone of the store houses the Self-help area for customers who want immediate answers or who need to print a copy of their bill; Express Service for fast transactions such as modification of account information and subscription plans; Customer Service for more complex transactions and opening of new accounts; and Cashier for bills payments. The service area resembles a lounge with long, comfortable couches in muted tones where the clients can relax while waiting to be assisted. It also has a small private room exclusively for Platinum members.

What sets this shop apart from the rest according to Ferdz is the shop boasts of a wide array of working cell phones that the customers can feel, touch, and test to give them an idea of what product suits them best. There are also laptops with Wi-Fi and broadband connections, and for those who have yet to see the iPad, one is on display for everyone to try.

I was a bit surprised with this move of Globe because Globe is not into gadget selling, Globe is a service provider. But as Ferdz said, people will look at the gadget first before the service provider. So after lunch, we had a little Q&A and we proceeded to the Globe flagship store.

Initially, I was not expecting a store with no glass doors – considering the items inside the shop, one would think that a well-secured place is more appropriate. But Joseph P. Caliro, Senior Adviser, Customer Experience Management Office Strategy Management shared with me the reason behind the design.

“Making it open without glass doors creates a welcome message to everyone. It’s more inviting for people to come and try the gadgets and see Globe services in action” said Caliro. Caliro has a point but I asked him – Are you not worried that phones might be stolen? To which Caliro replied, security measures are being implemented all over so that should not be a concern. Our primary goal is to give our clients the best Globe customer experience and service.

I was able to meet my long time friend Maridol Ylanan, Head of Globe Stores who was suffering from some throat problem that day (which caused her to lose her voice) but still manages to share her insights with me said the new shop is more of providing information to consumers rather just selling phones and Globe services. “Educating our consumers is our primary goal. We want them to experience state of the art gadgets and accessories but also show them Globe superior services and after-sales support.

Globe has 100+ stores nationwide and transforming each one of them to an information centric shop like the one in Greenbelt 4 will be one of Globe’s top priority.

With its recent move, Globe Telecom is redefining what digital lifestyle is all about. Not only do they want consumers to know what technology is available out there, but they want people to try it and assist them on whats the best gadget and plans for them. To make sure that their investments will not go to waste, which in the long run will paved that way for a more appreciative, satisfied and responsible consumers. A good strategy and a good investment if you ask me.


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