Smart Phone Industry Report

Almost all mobile manufacturers have released their own smartphone offerings. One trying to outdo the others by coming out with cool designs, powerful features and the most important thing of all – affordability. So after everything has been said than one, who is actually leading the smartphone market?

A recent study made by ChangeWave revealed that in the area of smartphone market share – Apple (34%) is up 1-point since their March survey to an all-time high while RIM (34%) has taken another hit – dropping 4-points in the past 90 days. Android phones continue to have a major impact on the market, with HTC (8%; up 2-points) and its new Droid Incredible and EVO models the biggest beneficiary. Motorola (6%), who in recent surveys had registered a wave of new demand for their Droid model, remains unchanged in the current survey.

When it comes to smartphone satisfaction, the study shows the Apple iPhone continues to lead all other cell phone manufacturers, with 73% of owners reporting they are Very Satisfied with their iPhone. HTC – with 39% of their customers saying they’re Very Satisfied – comes in second, followed by Motorola (34%) and Palm (34%).

RIM is in sixth place in terms of customer satisfaction (30%) – their seventh consecutive quarterly decline.

For future buying plans, the new Apple iPhone 4 is driving much of the industry’s growth going forward, with more than one-in-two (52%) respondents who plan to buy a smart phone in the next 90 days saying they’ll get an Apple iPhone – an explosive 21-point leap over our previous survey. HTC (19%) also shows a huge improvement going forward – registering a 7-point jump in terms of future buying plans. On the other hand, Motorola (9%) has declined 7-points since previously.

Taking it from the survey, consumers still go to new models that are “in” or more trendy. The iPhone is continously drving the market forward, same goes with HTC. I do hope these numbers will stay for Apple after the reported iPhone 4 design flow.

The sad reality of this report is while Apple and HTC is lording the smartphone market, this is happening at the expense of other smart phone manufacturers – Motorola and Research in Motion in particular. For Apple, their strongest point is the design (hardware) and iTune / AppStore (Apps). HTC would be its Android OS and Market.

New models will be released anytime soon and for a country like the Philippines, its really about cost, style and functionality. So whoever among the phone manufacturers who can released a smartphone soon with the following characteristics will emerge as the winner. Affordability + Fashion statement + Functionality is a sure formula for success in this smartphone race.


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