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President Aquino’s Facebook Page Censored

The hostage drama last August 23, 2010 (Monday) which unfolded in our very eye is testing the patience and tolerance of the Philippine government, particularly newly installed President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

In this age of innovation, what happens in one country can be seen by the world in almost realtime – we have TV, radio and the Internet. The hostage crisis and the alleged mishandling of the entire situation was seen by almost everyone which illicited various reaction. The question is, where will they air their grievances and disappointments? Where else but to use the world’s most popular social networking site to date – Facebook.
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INTEL – McAfee Inside

The tech industry was taken by surprise by the recent announcement by Intel to acquire security company McAfee for $7.67Billion. No one expected it, no one know why it happened, but everybody is speculating where this partnership is going.

Why Intel bought McAfee?
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A Phone with a Game or a Game with a Phone?

It’s nothing new, most devices especially comes with one distinct feature – it comes with gaming application. A game as simple as Tetris or Blocks is enough to entertain us during those boring times.

But a phone that can be converted to become a gaming device or a gaming device that can be converted into a phone is new and only one company can make that a reality – SONY. With their Sony phones and Sony gaming device, everything is possible.

Just recently, I chanced upon an article published by showing a Sony Ericsson Android 3.0 gaming platform and PSP Go-like smartphone.
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Oracle vs Google – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

I can already hear it, the famous Michael Buffer ready to say his popular line “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”, but this time the protagonists won’t be the usual fighters like Manny Pacquiao or Nonito Donaire. On the red corner, the complainant – ORACLE Corporation, and on the other corner, the defendant – Google Inc. Yes, the fight will be inside the court and not inside the ring between software company Oracle and search engine Google.

In a press release, Oracle simply announced that the company filed a complaint for patent and copyright infringement against Google, Inc.
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Blackberry – Threat to National Security?

For years now, I have been saying that the information war will become more and more evident in the years to come. Information control will be the name of the game for most companies, even for countries. The recent announcment of United Arab Emirates banning Blackberry devices in the country is a clear indication of my earlier statement.

UAE officials stated that Blackberry operates beyond the jurisdiction of national legislation, since it is the only device operating in the UAE that immediately exports its data off-shore and is managed by a foreign, commercial organization. As a result of how Blackberry data is managed and stored, in their current form, certain Blackberry applications allow people to misuse the service, causing serious social, judicial and national security repercussions.
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iDosing – Getting High on the Net?

As if it’s still not enough, we have heard a lot of dangers lurking over the web – viruses, malwares, keyloggers, clickjacking, email spoofing, hacking, and a lot more. Well here’s another one that will surely drive you nuts – its called “iDosing”, a digital way to get high without drugs. Another name for iDosing is digital drugs.

So how does it work? The sounds available with iDosing websites are called binaural beats. When listened to on headphones, they present one sound to one ear and a subtly different sound to the other ear. When heard together, the human brain hears something different from the original sounds.
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Telepresence – Reducing Carbon Emission and Delivering Financial Benefits

Just a couple of weeks ago, Globe Telecom in cooperation with AT&T launched its Telepresence room which connects enterprises to other businesses, educational institutions, and other users of the AT&T Business Exchange, a feature of AT&T Telepresence Solution, representing more than 1,100 private and public telepresence rooms. AT&T Telepresence solutions supports telepresence rooms from more than 70 countries and territories worldwide.

Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location. A virtual presence in another physical location by means of telecommunication technology. So even if the person you’re talking to is in a different location, with telepresence technology, that person can join your meeting / discussion, as if this person is just inside the room with the rest.
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Cloud Computing is the next ‘Hot Growth’ in tech

For the last couple of months, cloud computing is taking centerstage in almost all press conference that I attended. Almost all technology companies are announcing their cloud computing strategy and offering which led me to think – will the ‘cloud’ be the next big thing in the techworld?

“Cloud computing” has dramatically changed how business applications are built and run. At its core, cloud computing eliminates the costs and complexity of evaluating, buying, configuring, and managing all the hardware and software needed for enterprise applications. Instead, these applications are delivered as a service over the Internet.

Cloud computing has evolved to include platforms for building and running custom applications, a concept known as “platform as a service” (or PaaS). PaaS applications are also referred to as on-demand, Web-based, or software as a service (or SaaS) solutions. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is another offering brought about by the cloud.
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