A Phone with a Game or a Game with a Phone?

It’s nothing new, most devices especially comes with one distinct feature – it comes with gaming application. A game as simple as Tetris or Blocks is enough to entertain us during those boring times.

But a phone that can be converted to become a gaming device or a gaming device that can be converted into a phone is new and only one company can make that a reality – SONY. With their Sony phones and Sony gaming device, everything is possible.

Just recently, I chanced upon an article published by Engadget.com showing a Sony Ericsson Android 3.0 gaming platform and PSP Go-like smartphone.

According to the site:

The device has a landscape slider with game controls in place of the typical QWERTY keyboard. The D-pad is here, but instead of the small joystick, the device will have what was described as a “long touch pad” for analog controls, along with standard PSP buttons and shoulder buttons. The phone has a large display, described as being between 3.7 and 4.1 inches with WVGA or better resolution, a 5 megapixel camera that we’re told might not be final, and it’ll likely have a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU on board. The phone is mostly black with some silver highlights, and the gamepad area is white / silver in color. Apparently it’s currently branded as a Xperia device, but it looks like it will carry PlayStation branding as well.

On the software side, it looks like the device will be running Gingerbread (Android 3.0) with a phone-specific skin, and there will be a new area of the Android Market specifically for the games. That content will be initially accessible only by the halo device, but from the sounds of things, these titles might be made available to other Android phones if their specs and button layouts meet requirements. Games will be graphically in the range of PSX or PSP games, meaning true 3D gaming is headed to Android. Titles currently being shown off seem to be focused around some older PSX as well as new PSP offerings, with God of War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and LittleBigPlanet possibly on tap, and future plans for titles which incorporate augmented reality features.

Let me just say that this is a good idea – combining two popular device into one – a phone and a gaming device, how can you go wrong with this. The challenge for this device is first the price. I hope this will be priced reasonably for people to afford it. Another challenge is its performance. I do hope the processor and the OS will be fast enough to execute the games and perform the phone functions as well. The transition from a gaming device to a phone should be seamless that I can go back and forth both application with ease, meaning it will still be like having two device but under one physical gadget. Another challenge is the memory. Games will require a lot of memory.

In other words, the success of this device will rely highly on its performance. Its a great idea, a great concept. But just like any other device, if this performs poorly – it will just be an expensive paper-weight for most of us.


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